Natural Alternatives to Hysterectomy

By: James Pendergraft

The reasons why a woman may decide to have a hysterectomy or may need to have a hysterectomy can vary. To some, a hysterectomy may be a necessary operation. Examples of such are those who have to have their ovaries removed for health reasons, like for removing fibroid tumors or for treating endometriosis. To others, the reason that some women decide to undergo a hysterectomy revolves around the basis that they are told that they have no need for their uterus since they are not planning on having kids anymore. While some of these reasons can be legitimate, there are actually other alternatives to a hysterectomy and women should be made aware of these.

Reasons for Alternative Methods

For women who are suffering from uterine related ailments, it seems like the only solution available to them is to remove the organ where the problem is found, which is the uterus. A hysterectomy can be done a couple of ways, one through the abdomen, called abdominal hysterectomy, and the other by making an incision near one’s vagina, also called a vaginal hysterectomy. While a lot of doctors may suggest that hysterectomy is the only way to go, there are actually other methods that can provide a woman the kind of relief from what they are going through and without having to suffer the consequences that come with such an operation. Some of the side effects that can come about when a woman has a hysterectomy include the following:

Women who undergo this procedure are more likely to experience menopause at an earlier age, sometimes as early as four years ahead of their supposed age for menopause.

Women who have a hysterectomy often have a higher chance of having coronary heart disease during their menopausal years.

Women who have a hysterectomy may suffer from such ailments like pelvic organ prolapse, joint dryness, lower back pain that is chronic, and even loss of or diminished sex drive as well as maternal instincts.

Other Available Methods

If hysterectomy should be considered as the last resort for certain uterine problems, what other methods should a woman consider? Here are a few of the alternative methods that a woman can consider:

If a woman is suffering from fibroid growth, one of the natural alternatives she use for healing herself is phytotherapy. Since these growths are results of hormonal imbalance, restoring a woman’s hormonal balance is the natural solution to such a problem.

Another solution that can be used in conjunction with phytotherapy when treating fibroid growth is to lose weight. It has been proven that excess body fat can cause hormonal imbalance, therefore losing some weight can help a woman treat fibroid growth.

When you talk about natural methods, one method you can consider includes the reduction of stress through such techniques like meditation, acupuncture, or even acupressure.

Changing what one eats can also help alleviate the pain that endometriosis and fibroids bring. Minimizing your red meat intake can help you reduce the pain that comes with these types of uterine problems.

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