Nanny Cameras Protect Your Children From Abuse

By: Robert Thomson

Protect Your Children
Cases of child abuse appear in the newspaper and on the internet every day. Responsible parents must do everything they can to protect their children from this terrible crime. When strangers are people that you barely know come into your home to care for your children it is easy for them to present a sweet disposition. They can be gentle and caring until you walk out the door, then revert to their real uncaring or abusive personality, and you may never know.

The smaller your children are the more difficult it is for them to tell you if they are not being treated correctly. It becomes even more important that you find a way to know how your children are being treated. Are they being properly fed and supervised or are they being ignored? Even worse, are they being abused? Responsible and loving parents need to know the answers to these questions.

Nanny Cams Are The Answer
Hidden security cameras give you a way to know without a doubt how your children are being treated. With covert surveillance you can be sure that your children are being cared for according to your wishes. These cameras are available in a wide range of forms that can be adapted to any situation. They may record to an internal SD card or be internet accessible for monitoring activity in real time.

When abuse or other unlawful activities occur, if you have documented photographic evidence prosecuting the responsible individuals is easier, and will avoid your children being forced to testify in a court of law.

Available In Many Forms
Surveillance cameras are available concealed in many different common everyday objects. They can be purchased camouflaged in stuffed animals, wall clocks, and air fresheners, among many others that no one would notice. These can be placed in strategic positions around your home to monitor activities.

You can see if your baby sitter is feeding your children or if they are feeding themselves, if they are being properly supervised or allowed to run wild, and you can see who visits while you're away. Most importantly of all you will be able to tell if your baby sitter likes your children. Is she kind and gentle, or loud and rough? Does she hit them, or just ignore them?

A camera concealed in a picture frame, clock radio, or wall hanging, will allow you to know the answers to these very important questions.

Internet Accessible
Some cameras will record to an internal DVR or an SD card; other cameras will connect directly to the internet, or your home Wifi network. You can review the recorded images by connecting the camera directly to your computer or by putting the SD card into your computer.

If your camera connects to your home network, or the internet, images can be recorded on your home computer and also accessed live in real time. You can be sitting in a restaurant and use your smart phone to check on your children and other activities at your home. Knowing your children are safe will allow you to relax and enjoy your meal.

Avoid Further Damaging Your Children
In cases where abuse or other crimes are suspected having pictures will avoid pitting your children's word against the word of their adult supervisors. Sometimes children can have big imaginations and their stories do not quite make sense. This can be even more difficult with smaller children whose communication skills are not well developed. This puts you as the parent in a very difficult position, not knowing who to believe.

Pictures do not lie. When you have photographic evidence you know the truth about what happened and what did not happen.

In the event of criminal prosecution cameras can provide evidence that will help to prevent your children being forced to testify in court. When you have documentation about what has occurred your children will not be subjected to further interrogation and be forced to relive the traumatic experience.

Knowing The Truth Will Set You Free
Hidden home security cameras or nanny cameras are tools that you can use to protect your children from abuse. What kind of a parents do not want to protect their children? When you have a way to check and know how your children are being treated you can relax and enjoy your evening away from home.

These cameras are reasonably priced and easy to setup. They provide tremendous value by giving you a way to know the truth about what goes on in your home when you are away.

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