Nannies And Babysitters What's The Difference

By: Joseph B Moore

Nannies or Babysitters This is one question that has gone through the minds of countless parents at some point or the other. It is an important decision as this affects the well-being of your child and his or her growth.

Nannies and babysitters sound the same and most people mistake one for the other. But there is a marked difference between the two and you need to choose between either of them based on your needs.

Nannies: They are professionally hired to nurture and take care of the children. It is a full-time job that has some very specific and defined responsibilities. The nanny not only helps to take care of the children, she also nurtures them, helps them to have an all-round development and ensures that they do not stray on the wrong path. Nannies are almost like surrogate parents for kids. They also help around in household chores if necessary.

There are different kinds of nannies that you can hire. There are the live in nannies that stay with you and perform all kinds of duties including putting the kids to sleep at night and waking them in the morning, dressing them up and ensuring that they eat on time, taking them to school and bringing them back, etc. The other kind is the live out nannies that work only 6 to 8 hours a day and take care of the children during that period of time. The last kind involves nannies who work for multiple families and who look after the various children in shifts.

Babysitters: A babysitter works part time for some additional income. The services of a babysitter are required occasionally when the parents have to step out of home for a bit and they need someone to look over the kids. A babysitter only takes care of the children and ensures that they are entertained and fed on time. They do not help in any other household activity. Babysitters usually are college going students looking to earn that extra buck.

There are some key differences in the responsibilities of nannies and babysitters.

Time and Schedule: Nannies work the same kind of schedule and have fixed days of work. On the other hand, babysitters work only when their services are required and their schedule changes according to the need of the parents.

Pay and Tax: Nannies have a higher pay than babysitters. The remuneration depends on the number of hours and the amount of responsibility undertaken by either the nanny or the babysitter. Also, nannies get paid monthly or an hourly basis depending on what is stated in their contract. As far as taxes are concerned, nannies are considered to be household employees while babysitters are considered to be self-employed. They are taxed keeping in mind their income.

Job Description: A nanny may sometimes need to handle the role of a housekeeper, driver and a cook, while the babysitter is generally not expected to handle roles such as these.

Now, that you know the difference, it will be easier to select a nanny or a babysitter based on your needs.

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