Naeen(Nain) Persian Rug: Some important facts that you should know

By: Axel Price

Nain rug is one of the Persian rugs that have gained huge popularity in the market. The Persian knot is used for making Naeen(Nain) Persian rug. This kind of rug comes with 300 to 700 knots per inch. Top-quality wool forms one of the chief ingredients of such a rug and sometimes silk is used for highlighting the intricate designs. A few pieces of Naeen Persian rugs are made using only silk. If you want to cover a large space with a Naeen rug, you should go for an over size Persian rug. The designs in Naeen(Nain) Persian rugs are inspired by Shah Abbas style and they usually feature floral design.

A Naeen(Nain) Persian rug is so named as it is made in Nain, a small desert town located 150km from Isfahan in Iran. Nain possesses a comparatively short history of carpet weaving. During the early part of the 20th century, Nain gained a big name for producing fine quality textiles. It commenced making rugs only in the 1950s following the Second World War.

The Naeen(Nain) Persian rugs feature a lot of similar characteristics with the Isfahan rugs. They usually come in the same colors and designs in which the Isfahan rugs are available. However, in terms of qualities, a Naeen(Nain) Persian rug is very different from an Isfahan rug. While the Isfahan rugs are characterized by a lot of clues and reds, the Nain rugs mostly feature the beige theme. Another characteristic that makes the top-notch Isfahan rugs different from the Nain rugs is that the former always come in silk base while the latter rarely feature the use of silk. Again, while the Isfahan rugs are pictorial rugs, the Nain rugs do not feature any picture but mostly floral designs.

A Nain Persian rug feature elegance and style both with respect to the patterns woven and materials used. It is the refined curvilinear lines, choice of colors and elaborate motifs that make these rugs look grand. The background of these rugs usually showcases floral motifs, forked leaves, as well as animal themes. One of the most prominent feature of a Naeen(Nain) Persian rug is the central medallion that is usually seen in the shape of a star.

The weavers of the Nain rugs introduced a standard by which the price of their products is determined. The measurement is referred to as LAA. The lower the LAA of a rug is, the higher is its price. To cite an example, if a rug has 9 LAA, it would be of top-notch quality. The finest rugs have 4 LAA.

An over size Persian rug would be apt if you have a large living area. Finding a suitable Naeen(Nain) Persian rug for your home is not a big deal these days. You will not even need to go out to visit various stores t find out an appropriate Persian rug. You can sit at home and browse through a reputable online store specializing in oriental rugs and browse through the products showcased in its site. You should finally buy a product that would meet your requirements the best.

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