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By: Sean Taylor

I have always been a complete doubter while it concerned supplements. There has been much hype around, with all those before and after pics of folks who do the apparently impossible and transform their bodys in eight weeks, bodybuilding posing for supplements etcetera!

Thus when I first found out about nitric oxide supplements, I did not even bother testing them. What the companies were claiming just appeared too good to be true. So I kicked back, and awaiting for loads of other people to examine it see what they had to say about it.

After about a year, I went online and began to research nitric oxide supplements to check what people had started saying. Amazingly, nearly all of the reviews were positive. Therefore I did a bit additional research on approximately ten brands of NO2 supplements and from what I read, and comparing prices, No Xplode was the best (and cheapest) choice.

I today consider myself a experienced user of No Xplode. I have been using it for eight months, and I opened my sixth tub already.

When I opened the NO Xplode tub it stated I have to “measure my tolerance” by starting off with just one scoop (you are able to take 1-3 per dose). So I took just 1 scoop with approximately 250ml of water. The falvour was pretty tasty. Then I headed off to the gym (you ought to take NO-Xplode 30-45mins prior to your workout).

Half way to the gym) I was beginning to experience an explosive energy burst…it was a strange feeling, of a sudden I genuinely, really wanted to start my workout routine. It was my chest/biceps day. I felt some pretty decent pumps and could notice my veins were bigger than usual. But the primary thing I observed was the increase in energy. I powered through my session, and still felt like I had a bit more in me at the end.

Not bad so far.

Second session, I decided to take 2 scoops to experience the difference. I have trained my back and triceps and experienced some astounding pumps (particularly on tricep kickbacks! - done slowly). I have never experienced so tight muscle sensation. Awesome feeling. Huge amount of energy as well.

I was totally skeptic, but I’ve kind of done a u-turn on NO-Xplode. I have been using it with huge success sincet 8 months. I recommend that you don’t take it on non-training days, and you cycle it every 4-8 weeks. This will stop your body from building up a tolerance and you’ll get much more out of it.

Give NO-Xplode a try. Good luck with your training and reaching your goals!

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