Myths about Root Canals

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What?! Do you hear it right - root canal?! You almost drop off your chair upon hearing this from your dentist in Chandler AZ. You feel dizzy just with the thought of going through the procedure. You don't want it! Your reaction is like this given that you are made to believe that root canal is something that every individual should be terrified of but the truth is that it is not. Continue your read.

1. Root canal is very painful.

Root canal isn't going to hurt. The fact is that they are performed to ease the pain because of the bulging of the pulp chamber, where the nerve is located. Okay, it once was a painful procedure but with the use of contemporary anesthesia, it is not something that you ought to be frightened of anymore. In case the infection is severe, anesthesia may not work efficiently; hence, your dentist may ask you to take antibiotics before the treatment. Sometimes, a general dentist may find the approach hard to perform. He may recommend you to an endodontist, a dentist who is an experienced person in root canals.

2. Root canal “kills” your tooth.

The process includes the cleaning and disinfecting of the inside of the tooth and then giving it time to heal. Hence, your tooth is still “alive”. The blood vessels and the nerves in the pulp chamber help tooth to grow when you were just a kid or teenager. As you age, the nerve actively works to give you discomfort to tell you that something is wrong with your tooth like inflammation, infection and decay.

3. It is better to have your tooth taken out than to go through root canal.

Your dentist in Chandler AZ can explain to you: It is always best to save your teeth and this can be attained through root canal. Tooth extraction may still require you to replace the pulled tooth to fill the gap to prevent further dental problem like misalignment. Therefore, you might need to submit yourself to another dental treatment like bridge. With root canal, this is not vital because you will only clean and take away the infection in the pulp chamber in order to save your teeth.

4. Antibiotics and painkillers are sufficient to deal with your dental concern.

Your infected tooth generally with painkillers and antibiotics. Subsequently, the pain, as well as the infection, should go away. As in the case of pain, yes, it may go - but it will return. So, will you rather take painkillers each and every time or eliminate it completely? As for the infection, only root canal can remove the infected tissue in your tooth and eradicate the infection thoroughly. If you insist upon just taking medicines, infection can result in severe abscess and possibly harm the surrounding bone.

There are other myths that you should know so that you can get rid of the pain and fear that you associated with root canal. Your dentist in Chandler AZ will gladly share all these with you. You do not have to hide yourself from the procedure when you can become well-informed.

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