MySpace, No Space for the Less Than Perfect

By: Jeffrey A Solochek

MySpace is a great place to make a lot of friends and for people to do something noteworthy. If you are a guy who looks like Brad Pitt or a female that looks like Angelina Jolie this site can be great but what about the millions of people who are less than perfect?

I have spent some time looking for friends to add and all I see are these pictures of great looking people. If you have a deformity I guess you could put up a picture of a nice looking person and others on MySpace will never know. If you are bound to a wheelchair this is not what you have to show the rest of the world.

Have you ever thought about what a color blind or vision impaired person sees when that CAPTCHA pops up? I had to use the windows magnifier to even see the text in the CAPTCHA. At least sites like Google will help users that have problems with this button you can click so the CAPTCHA is told to you via audio.

A business in the US can be shut down for not making their place of business accessible for the handicapped. Does this not apply to US based web sites? What provisions does MySpace make for the handicapped? Do they even give a damn?

We are far from living in a perfect world with only perfect look people. There are tragedies that happen all the time. Birth defects, accidents, shootings, car accidents, when somebody is a victim of one of these very seldom do they walk away unharmed. Millions of people have scars, mutilations and deformities but nowhere on MySpace do we see pictures of people with these.

I guarantee that if the elephant man wanted to create a profile on MySpace that he would not put his true picture up on his profile. On MySpace the scarred can now communicate with others as the un scarred. How many people on MySpace are showing their true colors in their profile?

Sire like those of MySpace, SecondLife, and Hi5 are great places where people with deformities can see how people will treat them if they did not have these deformities. I am a marketer and when I create a profile on MySpace it will not be a profile of the bearded lady. I only want to create profiles of good looking people because those profiles get more attention, positive attention.

If a person can not see perfectly then the site MySpace is probably not going to be a site that they want to visit..I know Windows XP and Vista bot have the magnifier to help enlarge things that are too small but still this does not help people who suffer from color blindness like myself.

If MySpace doesn't make some positive changes in the very near future then MySpace will become OldSpace. The site Friendster only has about 44 million visitors and MySpace will probably end up like this site or even worse. It's time we speak up and let sites like MySpace know that if they are not equal then they are not wanted.

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Jeffrey A Solochek an established and well published author of current trends always adding his own unique wit and humor to everything.

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