My Shopping Genie- The Truth

By: Kim Tarr

MyShoppingGenie is a online app with a goal for you to conserve funds while you shop for items on the net. So, if you are looking to order a pair of running shoes, instead of wasting one hour going through each sport store on the net to find the lowest price, the Genie will do that for you in seconds. The organization headquarters is situated in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

The expense to join the business and generate all earnings is $200. Should you be looking to generate earnings from this business please note that you will not receive any commissions simply by giving away the application. You earn income when the users of the free Web app you personally give out use the Apps to price compare, make online buys, select special deals, or click ad links.

As the MyShoppingGenie application was created to enhance your web shopping experience, it is a web app. Since it is a free application, at first you might be convinced that this would be an easy business to create because all you need to do is give the Genie away free of charge. Well, with all the viruses spreading around on the online, you may be unwilling to download something onto their computer, in fear that they might get a virus. If you are looking for a way to give applications away, then it's key that you actually develop a relationship with people that you meet online, rather than just sending them an email saying download this excellent application.

After you build a relationship with someone, they are going to start to trust you and also after they trust you, chances are they will be more incline to download the application and give it an attempt. Since this is an online app, marketing online only is practical, but unfortunately, I have seen too many folks use the internet as a way of spamming other individuals. For example, I have seen people email messages to people they do not know on Facebook saying download this no cost application. This is spam when you do this enough, Facebook will close your account down. Facebook is a good place to advertise your opportunity, but individuals do not utilize it correctly. So, rather than sending someone an email or putting a link to the Genie on your Facebook wall to download the Genie, why not design a video showing precisely what the Genie does. If you do that, it will take the prospect from a mysterious state to a more comfortable one simply because they will know just what it does and how to use it. Plus, again, individuals are afraid of downloading anything, so visually seeing the Genie doing his thing will only ease their mind.

If you are looking to build your small business online, it's wise that you get training so you can find new leads for your business. Afterall, if you are looking to build a sizable team, you should generate leads everyday to expose your small business too. If no-one looks at your small business presentation, then no one will join you.

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