Music To Baby's Ears

By: Carlie Edwards

Music is a wonderful thing any parent can use to nurture their baby. Music has a natural calming impact and can encourage brain development. By making music a special part of you and your baby's daily routine, you will be enriching and enhancing your lives together. There are several things you can do to present and include music in you and your baby's lives.

-Make music with your baby
Creating music is not only fun for you and your baby, but it's educational too. If you don't want to invest in toy instruments, you can make a wonderful band out of pots, pans and wooden spoons. Your baby will delight in banging on her "instruments" while developing very important motor skills.

-Listen to a mixture of music
By exposing your baby to a variety of different types of music, you are broadening his/her horizon and quite possibly yours as well. As your baby gets older, she will love to dance and rock to all sorts of music and even point at the radio to ask you to turn it on.

-Sing to your baby
It doesn't matter if you are off key, singing to your baby creates a deep bond with your and is a wonderful nurturing tool for parents. Although you may not be in love with voice, your voice is the most important sound your baby hears. You baby will be able to identify your voice and will always feel contented around it.

-Using music at baby's bedtime
Incorporating music as part of your bedtime habit creates a excellent atmosphere for your baby. The pacifying effects of the music combined with the regimen of listening to it make a wonderful environment for getting your baby to sleep. The excellent part is that you will assist your child get to sleep fuss free.

-Dance, Dance, Dance!
Use music as an outlet for dancing. Dancing is a fantastic activity for you and your baby to experience together. As a young child, your baby will love to be swayed from side to side in with the music. As she gets , she will leap up and down all while enjoying the sounds of the music.

-Use movement with the music
make a scene for your baby using your hands with basic children's song such as "Itsy-bitsy Spider" or "Twinkle, Twinkle." Your motions will help make the song come alive for your little one and keep them fascinated and waiting for more.

-Listen to nature sounds
Your baby will most likely also find nature sounds such as ocean or forest sounds pacifying and stimulating. As your baby gets older, you can start to point out the different sounds and what makes them. You can use a CD or just experience it firsthand. Either way you will be teaching and delighting your baby with the sounds of nature.

-Turn off that TV
Instead of popping in a movie on a rainy day, try turning on the radio or a CD to occupy your baby. Music lends itself to a more interactive surroundings which allows you to bond with your child.

Experience the joy of music with your baby! There isn't anything in the world as glorious as looking into the face of a smiling happy baby!

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