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By: Mel Joelle

The advancements in smart phone technology has greatly enhanced the everyday life of every owner. Things can now be done quicker and more easily with the download of a simple app. The iPhone has thousands of useful apps available on their market, but some of the best apps available are all music apps. Music apps for the iPhone allow you to listen to new music wherever you are at. While there are several great music apps for the iPhone, here are the 4 best.


Pandora is easily the best music app that is available for the iPhone. The app is a stripped down version of the popular music website. Entering all of your favorite music artists and songs into Pandora will allow for the app to play music by these artists and any similar artists. Pandora analyzes your favorite artists and songs to find similarities. Once these similarities are found, Pandora will find and play other songs that they believe you will like. There is no better way to discover new music that you are almost guaranteed to like. If you find a song that you really like, you can even purchase that song from the Pandora app and it will automatically be downloaded on to your iPhone.


Mog is an app that replicates the experience that would be found on the Spotify website. Spotify is a popular website that allows you to stream music from their massive music library. There is a library of over 15 million songs to choose from. This is a great way to listen to all of the songs that you want to without having to pay to download them.

Sound Hound

While the two previous apps are great for listening to music for free, Sound Hound does not even play music. Sound Hound is used to help you determine the artist and name of song that you do not know. If you hear a song that you like and want to know the artist, just open the Sound Hound app and you will know in seconds. There is no better way to discover new artists or to set bar bets than with Sound Hound. While there are several apps that do the same thing, none of them do it with the speed and accuracy of Sound Hound.


If you are a subscriber of the Rhapsody music service then you have to download the app on to your iPhone. Unlike the three previous apps, Rhapsody does require a monthly subscription to use the service. Every member get to listen an unlimited amount of songs. If you are constantly downloading music from iTunes, then a Rhapsody subscription membership may save you a lot of money. For $10 a month, you have are entitled to an unlimited amount of music streaming. You can add all of your favorite songs into playlists and organize all of your favorite music however you want to. Rhapsody essentially allows you to have a iPod without having to pay for all of the music on iTunes.

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