Muscling Out PC Irritants

By: Kay Brenner

Having a software and using it wisely may seem like two different matters, when it comes to Windows. What we try to say here is that no matter how reliable and easy to handle Windows was designed to be, it is still a cause of some serious nuisances that border on stupidity. Not one time, Windows users had to deal with annoying and redundant security alerts, weird messages communicating what the users just did or conflicts with pluggable devices that the users should be free to plug and unplug whenever they want. In this article, we will show you how to keep Windows at bay, along with all the irritation it can cause.

Here is how you should deal with these PC irritants.

Irritant: Writing Failure on Disconnecting USB Drives

If you have ever encountered the message "Delayed Write Failed", then you know what kind of love/hate relationship Windows and USB drives share. Even if you like your USB drives because you can plug them in and out when you want and use them as you see fit, Windows seems to have something against this harmony. In order to avoid the error message mentioned earlier, you need to make sure that Windows finishes writing your USB drives until they go unplugged, without any failed attempts, after that. How do you do that? Your system tray has an utility called "Safely Remove Hardware" that announces when the USB is no longer in use. If you are interested in finding more on the subject, Google is your friend.

Irritant: Perpetual Security Alert Messages

Because you like to have your computer protected against evil threats, you have installed on it the latest versions of antiviruses. And still, Windows is trying to remind you that you are not good enough at this. Of course, this is not the case, but the dumb security alerts you get from Windows do not cease so easily. The reason for this happening is that Windows knows when you play with the antivirus settings and interprets it as a breach in security. Get rid of this irritant, by entering the Virus Protection Panel and choosing the option that allows you to monitor, through the antivirus, you own computer, instead of Windows.

Irritant: Printer Messages Stating the Obvious

If you send files to a network printer, you may have been annoyed at the "item printed" balloon message that pops up every time. To disable this lame option, navigate to the Control Panel and go to Printers and Faxes; next, click File, Sever Properties, and choose the Advanced Tab; at the bottom of the box, uncheck the "Notify me when remote documents are printed" check box.

Irritant: Email Client Refuses to Open URLs

You'll most likely experience this when default settings are not reset when you uninstall a web browser. For example, say you install Firefox, but you decide you'd like to go back to surfing the web with Internet Explorer instead. URLs that you receive in an email client, like Thunderbird or Outlook, may no longer open when you uninstall Firefox, as you need to give the default rights back to Internet Explorer to make the URLs open correctly in IE. Navigate to the Control Panel and select Internet Options; next, choose Programs, and select "Internet Explorer as the default browser". A simple fix for a very annoying problem.

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