Muscle Tension Dysphonia – Meaning, Causes And Remedies

By: Ms. Diana Royans

Undeniably, Muscle Tension Dysphonia can be a frustrating and frightening problem to deal with. Muscle Tension Dysphonia is actually a condition in which the muscles of the sufferer around their vocal folds turn too tight in course of speaking or singing. This problem does not allow the voice box to work effectively.

The affected person may end up with too much tension during speaking or singing, thereby resulting in a voice that is strained or tight. Many people, young and older are affected with this sort of voice/speech problems. Most of these people even spent months and years with speech therapists and speech pathologists for resolving this problem.

The affected person may also experience pain or tension and tenderness in the region of the vocal cords in the throat, even while speaking. The common symptoms of Dysphonia are indicative to a hoarse and raspy vocal tone, weak and airy, or whispery voice, strained and squeezed, or tense sound.

Thus, for singers and speakers, this Muscle Tension Dysphonia problem is very devastating. This is because those who are affected will not be able to maintain proper control over their breath or project it properly. As a result of the tension, all of the rest of the components required to make the voice work, are not working in unison. Therefore, the end result will be a tone that is anything but pleasant. Some of the voice sufferers have gone to the check-ups with their specialists but, in the final analysis, they have not been able to accomplish the results which would aid their voice problem.

In fact, there is no known cure for Muscle Tension Dysphonia, except for a few effective vocal therapies which are designed to exercise the voice without putting undue pressure on it. Given that you don’t have to lose your hope to regain your voice back to normal.

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