Mouth Guards and Its Features

By: Gorilla Mike

If you are an athlete or a sports person, you must have heard about mouth guards which are otherwise also known as mouth piece. Or in case if you are new to this term it is sports equipment that is worn in the mouth to prevent teeth from getting dislocated, pulled out or damaged. The use of mouth guard ensures 90% safety of the tooth while playing any sort of sport or martial art activity. Mouth guards can also be utilized by the patients who have persistent breaking up of the teeth and TMJ disorders.

There are a number of mouth guards available in the market for use today. A Mouthguard can also be purchased from over the counter from the medical stores, however for the people suffering from dental issues are not recommended such over the counter stuff. Special custom made mouth guards can be obtained with the help of dentists. The mouth guards are majorly divided into three categories which are as follows:

Stock Mouth Guards: These are the most common type of mouth guards and are least expensive as well. They can be purchased from any of the local sports store, however they provide the least amount of protection and hence are not advised to use by the dentists. Another aspect that makes stock mouth guards not fit to use is their bulkiness due to which it can be hard for a person to breathe.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards: They are so called because all you need to is to boil the guard in hot water and bite it around the teeth so in order to have more of a custom fit mouth guard. Boil and bite guards can also be easily obtained by searching in the local or departmental stores. They are being offered in a reasonable price and are quite effective for its purpose for all people.

Custom-fitted Mouth Guards: These kinds of mouth guards as named are custom fitted at a dental clinic or a lab with the instruction of the dentist. In order to obtain a custom fitted mouth guard one need to follow three simple steps. The first and the foremost step is to give an impression of the teeth at the dentists to for the dimensions of the mouth guard. Then the mouth guard is either created at the dental clinic or sent off to be created at a dental lab. The final step is to check the proper fitting of the mouth guard by the patient that it fits and is comfortable. The manufacture of the mouth guard can be time consuming and due to its high quality material and custom fitted features, it can be a little costly than usual mouth guards.

For majority of the cases mouth guards are worn on the upper teeth only but for some special cases like if a patient wear braces then the dentist may suggest a mouth guard for lower teeth as well. An effective Mouthguard is easy to clean, convenient to be word, resilient and should not limit the breathing or speaking capabilities in any way.

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