Motivation-A Two Way Avenue for Educational Development

By: LuckyBW

The modern teaching methodology focuses on holistic development of a child, in earlier days a pupil was not exposed to this kind of development. Much of the importance was given to academics, and not other extracurricular activities, this made education boring at times. Schools are roughly classified into public and private schools; there is another class of institution above these two, called the international private school, these educational institutions provide the best experience for students ever.

The educational scenario has transcended into another phase where these International Private Schools provide best quality education with exceptional and world class resources to its students. Here intellectual development is nurtured with personal growth; these schools are the best schools for parents who want their children to leverage quality education. These schools are hard to come by as building these institutions takes a lot of resources and capital.

These schools mostly follow the British curriculum of education and this curriculum follows different ways of learning and methodologies, children are not taught the old way but are provided with facilities of international calibre where pupils are given a warm and supportive environment for learning and garner respect. International private schools employ the best teachers and staff for the primary as well as secondary sections. These teachers are well certified and qualified to teach pupils with new methodologies as they are trained internationally with various certifications. These teachers know how to take care of the pupils in all respects, be it personal or academic.

These schools deliver a wide range of extra-curricular activities as a part of the curriculum, such as creative ones like art, photography, music, calligraphy, etc and sports activities like football, netball, swimming, rugby, etc. They also provide various services to communities and other charitable institutions. An International private school also delivers Tuition for pupils to take up special instruments; this helps pupils to increase memorizing, reasoning, and team work.

Now let us talk about the part where these international private schools, where the staff and teachers have to motivate their students to actually perform in all aspects of education. The power of motivation is what drives pupils to get that confidence and drive to perform at their best. When a pupil is motivated it actually makes them feel happy about what they are doing and makes them do more of it, this is about students, even parents have to provide the impetus to their students to perform better, now comes a part where even teachers have to be motivated by students and their parents, if students would not have the interest to take part in academics and other activities then even teachers would not have the interest to teach them or make them take part in other activities.

So it is always a two way motivational channel that keeps everything in perspective and upholds the education system. Therefore when it comes to education and selecting an institution, international private schools are considered to be one of the best in the World for parents and their children.

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