Motherly love

By: umesh

Motherly love

When ‘that time of year’ rolls around once again - Mother’s Day - many of us start to panic over just what to give Mom as a token of our love and respect.

Today’s moms are a lot more sophisticated which either makes the task a whole lot easier, or a whole lot harder!

For example, when most of us were kids anyone approaching the age of fifty or above looked rather ancient. Some had the ubiquitous ‘blue rinse’ and sat knitting in front of the TV. On the other hand, today’s moms are more likely to be taking belly dancing lessons or running big businesses.

So what do you give your mom on this special day?

Firstly, try talking to her some weeks before Mother’s Day. There is no mother worth her salt who won’t throw out little tips and hints months before the big day. Don’t take the protestations that she really doesn’t need anything to heart because there is nothing more hurtful than not receiving something – even if it is small or inexpensive – on this one day.

If that fails, take a tour around the internet. There is a myriad of !a href=""> gift ideas. for even the most discerning palette.

Ask yourself some questions: does she like collecting things? Is she sentimental about songs or verses? Would she prefer to eat out on that day or have a family meal? Don’t forget that mom doesn’t have to cook on that day; you can get it catered so that she can enjoy the family without worrying about food. Or all go out for a family get together.

If it is collecting she is into, try to find that special piece that she may have been searching for – again, the internet could be the answer to any problems you have –or have something commissioned just for her. For example some musical boxes have a choice of music – some will try to give you exactly what you want. Can you imagine your mom’s surprise to receive a musical box which plays her favorite song?

Or perhaps she collects fine porcelain. There are many exquisite pieces on sale and finding just the right one should not prove a problem.

Of course, nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a piece of fine jewelry. For the more traditional mom there are many different styles on offer but think about her lifestyle before committing to buying the gift. There is absolutely no point in buying long dangling gold ear-rings if she just won’t wear them! Another idea is to buy the best you can afford. If it is way out of your price range then why not join together with other family members to make the kitty that much bigger? You may even be able to afford a diamond!

If she is a ‘groovy’ kind of mom then your choice is virtually unlimited. Gold and silver jewelry is available for most parts of the human anatomy – even down to toe rings – and you should be able to wow her with something special.

Today’s moms are far more aware of their health and generally try to live a healthy lifestyle. A ‘life’ basket containing items with which she can pamper herself will be well received. Throw in some scented candles, massage oil, a yoga book, or in fact anything that you think would benefit her. You can get these baskets already made up of course but should you want to personalize it a little, just add a few extra touches.

If mom is a ‘foody’ there are many gourmet baskets on the market. Baskets containing truffles, chocolate, fine wines etc. are available and these too can be custom made to fit her taste exactly.

If she has grand-children, gifts including photos of them always go down well. Try having some glass plates or coasters custom made with the grand-kids drawing or photos. Every time these are used it will remind her of them – priceless!

Of course, some moms are difficult to buy a gift for but with some thought you could make her day extra special. One mom appreciated a rare rose bush gift which she promptly planted in her favorite corner of the garden. Another had always wanted a garden hammock to lie in while she appreciated all her hard work. But some moms have the idea that what the family needs comes first. So, simply put, she didn’t think she was worth it!

If all else fails, then why not treat mom – and dad of course – to a weekend away from home. If there are kids involved then take them for the weekend and let the parents have their own time to take long leisurely walks or baths. You would be surprised to know that most busy moms long to relax in a warm bath but simply don’t have time for themselves.

Kids too can get involved with the idea of giving mom a Mother’s day gift. Instead of spending their allowance, get them to sign a contract that says they will clean their rooms for one month, or load the dishwasher every night for a month. Something as simple as fixing their own lunch boxes will teach them to commit to a plan and show appreciation for what mom does most of the time - without being thanked!

All it really takes to thrill mom is that you make the effort to please her. Moms are very forgiving – in general! – and will allow for our ineptitude but tread lightly my friends! Many a mistake has been made on this great day. Most moms will forgive but you have to ask yourself is how long will she take to forget?

Finally, nothing says it like flowers. Try not to go the usual route though. Why not send her a rare orchid or some such plant that she can treasure for some time to come. Remember that cut flowers will eventually fade away. A living plant will be a constant reminder of your love for her for – hopefully – years to come!

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