Most Useful Android Apps

By: Mel Joelle

We are living in times where our lives seem to have taken a 360 degree turn courtesy of smart phones. Now only a single handset is just sufficient to carry the workload as opposed to the idea of managing possibly hundreds of phones to handle our ever increasing demands. While the iPhone has its position secured as it’s known to be the first smart phone that was released, in the more recent of the terminologies it is the Android friendly phones which have gained immense popularity and continue to do so.

Soon after their inception, this high recognition of Android smart phones led to the surfacing of a dynamic array of android applications. Since Android permits hassle-free access to its various applications, this is perhaps the key motivation behind the emergence of new applications day after day.

It’s a very common strategy that shopkeepers devise special discounts in order to attract a greater number of customers and encourage them to try out their new items and services. Similarly smart phones are a great way to bridge that gap between the providers, and the consumers where users are able to take as many benefits from these favorable prices as they can. Here Groupon is one tool that discusses these bargain deals and comes to a settlement with business owners and finally alerts its users too. You can also make the best use out of this Groupon Android application by asking for discounts at your local stores and markets. Moreover, this application is a paramount for all those who always win their bargains.

The Android smart phones also allow you to listen to music as part of the radio application provided by Pandora. Though this entity was initially a part of the Android’s Music Genome Project, it then led to the establishment of a code or an algorithm that relates music of the analogous genre hence understanding the user’s taste of music. This application by Pandora is an excellent choice for all those who like to experiment with music; and like to hear new talent too, where the algorithm is one useful tool which discovers different rudiments of music that any particular user enjoys listening to.

ITriage is one application with which the Android enthusiasts would simply fall in love with. Usually, many of us try to undermine the seriousness of our health problems; since we fail to judge as to whether the problem requires a visit to the doctor or not. Hence, this is one area where applications such as the iTriage can possibly save a number of lives by making the user aware of the signs they are subconsciously ignoring and decides as to whether or not any medical is required.

Android smart phones like the ever famous Google’s G2 phone and Droid X have a certain incentive in comparison to other phones where the iTriage application is provided free for its users. Hence, this is a brilliant pick for personnel who are health conscious when it comes to matters of health and takes whatever preventative measures that are needed in this regard.

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