Most Powerful Herbal Vaginal Dryness Lubricant For Women

By: Aaric Hadden

Women's reproductive system is supported by natural lubricants that help in keeping it moist. The glands located on the top of womb i.e. the cervix, is mainly, responsible for making the organ supple. The flow of fluid goes from the open end to the inner layers and as the lubricant moves in, it makes the organ flexible. This also helps in cleaning the organ and removal of dead cells from it. The moisture around the genitalia is mostly acidic in nature and this helps to keep it infection free. It is normal for the women to have slight discharge on the opening. However, these days many women suffer from dryness that can be highly discomforting and cause inconvenience to both the partners. Herbal vaginal dryness lubricant for women is available at stores to reduce dryness that can naturally improve suppleness and prevent the discomfort caused by dryness.

Mostly the woman who suffers from dryness also suffers from change in the thickness of muscles found in the genitals. Dryness causes pain in physical relationship and creates inconvenience for both the partners. Additionally, this can lead to infertility in women who may suffer from premature menopause. Herbal vaginal dryness lubricant for women Vigorelle Gel contains components which can activate the genitals and promote stimulation of fluid to prevent dryness.

The problem of dryness is believed to be a normal condition but many women suffer from it, and some of the reasons for dryness are -

1. Extreme emotional or physical changes.
2. Menopausal symptoms - Women who get the ovaries removed through a process of surgery can suffer from menopausal symptoms and dryness that happens due to poor secretion of estrogen.
3. Use of chemicals - Irritation caused by use of certain chemicals in the region can lead to dryness and inflammation.
4. Skin type - Women who have dry skin may suffer from dryness even in the reproductive region because the skin is moisturised from inside. They need to take care of skin and take a nutritious diet to prevent dryness of skin.

Treatment of the problem involves -

1. Uses of lubricants - Synthetic lubricants are used to enhance flexibility but it can be messy and create spots on clothes. Lubricants are required to be applied each time before the process. The silicone based lubricants or oil based lubricants can be irritating in case the partner uses contraceptives.
2. Avoid irritants - Women who are irritated due to the presence of certain infection or use of soaps should avoid perfumed soap or moisturising creams.
3. Water soluble lubricant - It is sometimes made up of starch. It is applied around the vulva to get effective lubrication.
4. Moisturisers - Moisturisers can be applied two to three times in a week to get effective moisturising. Petroleum jelly based creams are used for the purpose. But it can even cause spotting.
5. Herbal vaginal dryness lubricant for women - It helps in activating the Bartholins gland responsible for lubricating the organ.

Vigorelle Gel is a herbal vaginal dryness lubricant for women which helps in moistening the genitals through a process of natural release of lubricants and on regular use, it provides long-term improvement in elasticity and flexibility of the organ.

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