Most Popular Wearable Devices In 2014

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If you are a web user, you surely meet the term wearable technology. Wearable devices are referred as electronic gadgets that you can use. While wearable technology has changed through the years, many still think that wearable technology as a concept has to still go a long way. But, there are a number of important that you must keep in mind about wearable technology. Often, this refers to using technologies in groundbreaking ways. Like for example, the calculator wrist watch of the past was a wearable device. Though it could not live in the market for long, it is true that people always loved and wanted wearable devices. Today, the concept of wearable technology has taken a new turn. They are now especially designed for function and fashion purposes and not just another gadget.
Let us take look at the most popular wearable devices in 2014.

Smart watch

Smart watches are like smartphones on your wrist. It can take voice commands, install and use applications and do other functions. Most of them run on Android platform and so, you can download games like the Air Hockey Penguin: Frozen Bird. It is an arcade game where flappy penguins play frozen ice games among the snow and rocks. They also run, glide, and race for the puck on the ice and air.

Google Glass

Google Glass is actually a wearable computer. It is to be used like spectacles and looks like rimless glasses. It has the function to click photos of high quality because it has a 5 MP camera, record videos, function as a phone display and use different applications such as Google Earth and Gmail.

Cuff that is more than just a wearable.

Cuff is considered as a great accessory. As the name implies, it is supposed to be used as a cuff on the arm. The function of a cuff, nevertheless, stands out as it assures to so more than just being a wearable. Whenever the user of the cuff is at risk, he can press a button-like thing on the cuff and the person who is registered as the emergency contact shall be notified on their smart phone. The position of the cuff-wearer will be transported to the emergency contact through GPS. This can be important in the case of women and teenagers.

GPS watch

A GPS watch is not really a watch, but itís a GPS receiver that is banded onto the wrist like a watch. It receives GPS signals and functions as a handy GPS without having to depend on a device like a smart phone. They are widely used fitness and sports purposes.
If you are looking to shop a wearable device for yourself, buy one that you really need. Donít just go in and buy any product but purchase something that is valuable. In the end, it is not about having any wearable device but about owning something helpful to your daily lifestyle.

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