Mortgage Marketing: Content Strategies for Keeping in Touch

By: Jeffrey Nelson

So you’ve just returned to your office from a successful meeting with a Realtor®. At the end of it they expressed optimism in your services, and told you some famous last words, “I’ll be sure to send you my next deal…”

…a week goes by, no deal…

…two weeks go by, no deal…

…a month later, still no deal.

To make things even more painful…you’re chatting with a title rep about business and they mention the agent’s name. You probe deeper and uncover that the agent has done 3 transactions in the past 30 days. Before we jump to conclusions, it’s possible they were the listing agent. Or they could have been the buyer’s agent, but the buyer came to them pre-approved. We just don’t know.

You re-trace your steps backwards and look for clues. You’ve left messages regularly and had one or two quick, really quick conversations, more like, “Hi, how are you,” and that’s it kinda conversation. But nothing appears out of the ordinary. Why didn’t they send you a deal as promised?

We may never know that answer, but we do know that in the process of initiating a relationship, you have to continue sending messages that deliver content. Content that powerfully refreshes their memory why they want and should send you their next piece of business.

Content Strategies

How do you effectively keep your information in front of prospects and clients without becoming a pest? Studies consistently demonstrate that it takes 7 to 12 impressions before people act on their intentions, which means when it comes to initiating relationships with agents, you have to find ways to keep your message in front of them on a regular basis, otherwise you’re invisible.

Here are some Content Strategies that can work for you:

Tips & Ideas
Insider Information
Information From Other Sources
Success Stories
Innovation in Progress
Leisure News

Tips & Ideas

If you’ve positioned yourself as a specialist and want to become recognized as an expert, this is your best strategy. Helping prospects to solve their problems quickly transfigures you from a stranger to becoming their friend.

Whatever is your niche specialty, than sharing your ideas will come in that form. It only makes sense that if you’re in the information business, the business of helping agents solve a particular problem, than you share your knowledge. It gives them a sample of what you know and demonstrates your expertise.

Insider Information

This strategy is excellent for agents who want to know everything, and I mean everything. Particularly, they want to know mortgage related information, so they can articulate their viewpoints with peers, other agents, to show their level of competency, which is a nice way of saying, “It feeds their ego.”

If you are apprised of current market conditions or new and niche loan programs and communicate by email with prospects and clients, some agents are like messengers, they must be the first ones to know so they can pass it along before anyone else does.

Information from other Sources

Do you have a network of relationships with other professionals who serve the real estate community, i.e. interior decorators, home improvement specialists, landscapers, etc.? They can supply you with valuable content, especially if you like using the newsletter format. Having a network of other sources clearly tells an agent that you understand the bigger picture.

Success Stories

If you’re the type who doesn’t like to toot your own horn, this strategy is for you. Using a story format, you can creatively describe the quality of your service supported by actual documentation, without it being perceived as boasting. Think of it as a press release with a touch of flair.

Innovation in Progress

Are you always tinkering with your business, searching for new ways to improve it? Are you the type to purchase the latest gadgets? Agents who innovate constantly in their business will appeal to this strategy. Even without buying every gadget known to mankind, usually you can find research online, like product and tech reviews, and compile the information and forward as a message. Two excellent resources include, &

Leisure News

This content strategy exhibits caring and thoughtfulness. It compliments loan officers who want to develop rapport on a personal level. You can apply this on a per prospect basis, for instance, if you meet someone who enjoys a hobby, you could give them subscription or a complimentary copy of a leisure magazine.

Please check RESPA laws prior to awarding gifts considered of monetary value.

Learn from Others

Sometimes you’ll learn your best content strategies from watching what others do. If you work in an office with other loan officers, at your next sales meeting request that everyone bring their materials to share with each other.

Look at every newsletter and mailing you receive, notice which writers get and keep your attention. Notice what bores you and what you end up reading and responding to. Always take the best things you like, adapt it to your style and leave the rest.

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