Morning sickness during pregnancy: No Need to Panic

By: Narisa R.

Morning sickness may be your beginning signs of pregnancy. It does not mean that you will be sick just in the morning time. This may occur in the morning, noon or night. It usually happens in the first trimester of the pregnancy and stop near the second trimester, it is not occurring in all pregnancies though. Some pregnant women may keep on morning sickness until the end of pregnancy.

Nausea may occur immediately or you may be lucky and donít have morning sickness at all. Nobody is for sure what the cause of morning sickness is; it is probably an alteration of the body of the women that occurs on pregnancy. A lot of pregnancy women seem to be sick after taking the prenatal pill, try taking this pill later in the day.

The doctor may even suggest you to take another form of vitamin as an alternative pill. Always consult your doctor first before taking anything new drug or taking yourself off medicinal drug.

There are some ways to decrease the morning sickness, but they donít effective for everybody. Before you get out of bed in the morning, eat some saltine crackers to calm your stomach down. Avoid some foods with odors that irritate you or make you nauseating. Also avoid rich, greasy, spicy or fatty foods. Try to avoid eating big meals so that you are never too full. Try drinking some ginger tea; it can calm the stomach down. Sleeping is other effective way to avoid morning sickness; however it can wake you up.

Odors are another thing that appears to be the cause of morning sickness. Bad smells and even certain odor can trigger morning sickness. Knowing how to avoid them, can make you feeling better.

Some foods that induce your blood glucose rise and fall rapidly are most likely to activate nausea and vomiting. Foods that are richly in sugar will make the greatest effect, so try and limit sugary snacks, fruit juice, and extremely refined foods such as cereals and some food that bears white flour.

Some reasons you had better go to your see your doctor would be if you lose weight because youíre significantly sick. If you begin look pale, dehydrated, faint and confused or throw up more than three or four times in a day. The doctor may prescribe something that can stop it.

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