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By: simon benstead

Let’s face it. As online marketers we can never have too much traffic. More traffic equals more sales, more sales equal a healthier business and a healthier business equals a more profitable asset.

But how exactly do you get more traffic?

First up a word of warning: Don’t believe the hype. There are no magic formulas or secret strategies. The people that prorogate these lies pray on gullible people that are often looking a fast fix that leads to a finical wind fall. In short, there are only three legitimate and ethical ways to increase the flow of traffic towards your desired sites. You can buy it, email your list or do a joint venture.

Let’s take a closer look the options:

1. Email your list.

I ‘m presuming you have one because if you haven’t your endeavors might be making money but you certainly don’t have a business. Having a highly responsive list is like having goose that lays golden eggs: It’s the ultimate asset. With a click of a button direct a flood of people to which ever site you wish.

The bottom line is this: Growing your list has to be on the top of your “Daily Things I Must Do List”.

2. Buy it.

Buying traffic is easy. Any one can do it. You all have to do is sign up for a Google Adwords account. The whole process takes les than five minutes. Yes, you could sign up for one of the other PPC (pay per click) sites but why make things hard for yourself. Google offer the best service on the planet. They’re number 1 because they are number 1.

Here’s the deal with buying traffic. Do a search on Google for any thing and you’ll notice that on the right hand side there are little boxes containing information. Yes, you guessed it, they’re ads.

For example search for “mortgages”.

Results = 91,600,000 websites for mortgages. On the right hand side we get the ads. The top ad would cost you about $15- $25 per click. Isn’t that expensive? No, not really. Your job is to turn the click into a customer. If your product/sale brings in $2000 a time and you have a conversion rate of + 1% and your max bid price for your click is $17 every 100 click would bring you $300 profit. Think what it means if you can increase your conversion rate buy just .5%. That’s another $150 per $1700 that you invest.

Increase your investment buy 100% and that buys you another 100 clicks = another $450 profit.

Buying traffic can be heaps of fun. I’m sure you can see why.

3. Joint Venture

There’s only one thing better than owning your own list and that having access to everyone else’s list. Why? Because at the end of the day the object is to get your offer/product or service in front of as many pairs of eyeballs as possible.

Having a 10,000 + subscriber list is great but having twenty friends that are each willing to email your offer to their 10,000 + subscriber lists is better.

Image how much traffic that would bring you.

Obviously, there’s much more that can be said about the three traffic increasing strategies but these are the things that work. In a word, More Traffic Guaranteed

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