More Reasons to Stop Smoking

By: Robert C Smith

Smoking is one of the most common causes of many illnesses, most of which are terminal. If anything, one of the main reasons to stop smoking cigarettes should be for the sake of your health. A person's health is a precious gift that will only be received once. Once your health has failed, there are no returns, refunds or second chances.

Toxic Ingredients in Cigarettes

One of the reasons to stop smoking should be because of the ingredients found in cigarettes. Cigarettes are not simply tobacco rolled in a piece of paper with a so-called filter on the end. The arsenic and methanol in all cigarettes should scare you enough without having to look for any other reasons to stop smoking. Arsenic is highly toxic to the body and should never be consumed by people. Methanol is used to manufacture rocket fuel, so it is definitely not a substance which should be consumed or inhaled. There are other toxic ingredients in cigarettes which should also give more than enough reasons to stop smoking. These include toluene, ammonia, cadmium, butane, nicotine and carbon monoxide.

The Cost of Smoking

Many times, smokers complain because they cannot afford to buy essentials like food or pay for utilities. What they often don't realise (or don't want to realise in some cases) is just how much their habit is costing them financially. This alone should also be one of the main reasons to stop smoking. If a smoker averages two packs of cigarettes a day, it can amount to thousands of dollars which they have literally set alight. That cash could have been used to purchase a car or even be enough for a substantial down payment on a dream home. Unfortunately, once the money has been spent, it can never be recovered. Financial considerations are great reasons to stop smoking.

Your Health Alone Should be Among the Most Important Reasons to Stop Smoking

Many people don't appreciate the gift of a healthy body until it is taken away from them through illness or disease. Don't wait until it's too late to appreciate your health. Make your own health the best reasons to stop smoking. To stop smoking benefits the body as a whole, because it makes the person feel healthier almost immediately after stopping. Another of the main reasons to stop smoking is the fact that many diseases or conditions which are caused by a lifetime of smoking are irreversible. Once the person has been diagnosed with lung cancer or emphysema, it is normally too late to stop smoking then, because the damage has already been done.

Diseases and Conditions Linked to Smoking

While many smokers may try to deny these facts, diseases like lung cancer, emphysema, tumours, strokes, throat cancer and heart attacks are often caused by many years of smoking. Reasons to stop smoking should include the fact that the person will be at a far lower risk of contracting these often deadly conditions if they make the decision to stop smoking and are firm in following through with it. Research has proven many times over that those who choose to stop smoking are able to reduce their chances of contracting any of these life-threatening conditions by up to 50%. This alone should give enough reasons to stop smoking.

Other Reasons to Stop Smoking

There are many other reasons to stop smoking. Non-smoking family members and friends will be more willing to be in the person's company because they will no longer smell like used cigarette butts. Those who live in the same house as the smoker will also experience improved health because they will no longer be breathing in the second-hand smoke. Studies have proven that those who are forced to breathe in second-hand smoke are at even more risk for lung-related diseases than the smokers themselves, so this should also be among the top health reasons to stop smoking, especially if there are children living in the same house.

Live Long Enough to See Children and Grandchildren Grow Up

Other reasons to stop smoking are the children and grandchildren in the family. Many people want to see them grow up to lead successful lives of their own. By giving up smoking, they increase their chances substantially of making this a reality. It is also upsetting to family members (especially the children) when someone special like a parent or grandparent is lost due to illness, especially when it could have been prevented by stopping smoking. This alone should rank among the most important reasons to stop smoking. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also not smoke because there is an extremely high risk of the baby being born with some form of deformity or other health condition.

Clearly there are many reasons to stop smoking. Although it is often extremely difficult to stop because of the withdrawal symptoms that a person suffers for the first few days after stopping, it is definitely worth it. A person's friends, family and overall health will definitely thank them for it in the long run.

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Reasons to stop smoking are children, grandchildren, and the family. Many people want to see them grow up to lead successful lives of their own. Click Here to learn more about reasons to stop smoking.

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