Monitoring Your RHR - How To Do This

By: Sinead Douglas

To get an idea of how your heart is working, when resting or under stress, you need to know what your RHR is. RHR stands for resting heart rate. This is the rate that your heart beats when it is in relaxed mode, or when you are calm and not under any physical or mental strain.

There is a simple way of finding out what your RHR is. If you have a heart monitor watch it will do this for you., but you can also do this manually. To manually check your RHR, just put the top of your index, second, and third fingers on the palm side of your other wrist, just below where your thumb meets your wrist. (This sounds more difficult than it is, but concentrate and give it a try).

Press very gently on that area and you will soon feel your pulse. If you don't you are either pressing too hard, too gently or you are dead. Now with a watch or clock beside you, look at the minute hand, and count how many times your heart beats in 1 minute. To make this even simpler, just count how many times your heart beats in ten seconds and multiply that by 6 to translate that figure into your RHR. You do have to be calm and peaceful when you perform this check. Lie down, relax and then start counting.

Remember that anxiety, worry, sickness and height above sea level can have an effect on your pulse. So it is best to do a pulse check a few times over a few days to get an accurate reading.

Using a heart monitor watch makes this exercise a lot easier, it is just the click of a button, but as you can see above you do not need one to get your RHR.

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