Money Pros And Cons - Personal Finance Basics

By: Brandon Schmid

Money Pros and Cons - Personal Finance Basics
Is money good or is it bad? Depending how you view it, money can a good thing but it has the potential to be a bad thing as well. Money can be good because it creates the opportunity for any type of lifestyle you desire. It has the ability to fund your dreams like going on vacation or could allow the chance for an early retirement. Cash creates the ability to create a family, live in any city you want and do just about anything you can imagine. Proper money management is the simplest way to understand personal finance basics.
Money can be negative or a bad thing if you live for it. If you spend the majority of your life slaving away at a job that you don't enjoy to earn cash can make it bad. Cash misguides many of Americans to become workaholics and desert their loved ones.
Without a doubt money does have more pros than it does cons. Unfortunately the bad things related to money are usually tied with misuse or greed.
What is Money to you?
Is making lots of money to live anyway you want important to you or would you like to work just enough so you can live modestly. It's a pretty simple choice with hardly any grey area and we all make that choice when we deal with the personal finance basics in our lives.
If you want to work 65 hours every week so you can afford to drive a high end luxury vehicle and live in a 5000 square foot house is the way you enjoy living then good for you. Unfortunately, I believe|in my opinion} you have become a slave to cash if you force yourself to work that much to own an expensive car and oversized home.
On the other hand if you want to have all play and zero responsibility then you are a slave to yourself. Money probably has no value to you and you earn just enough to make ends meet. Is that bad? Who am I to say.
I believe there is a happy medium when it comes to money. It's possible to have all of the pros and none of the cons. Hard work is incredibly important but it's good to know that you should not work for money. The more you know about personal finance basics, the more money will actually give back to you and the less likely you will be a slave to it.
The best case scenario is to find an occupation that you truly enjoy and would love to do for free anyway. If you are unhappy where you are working its likely because you only see the how much you make at your job. The way to make money a positive factor to you is to alter the way you think and enjoy what you do and where you are. Ironically, the more passion you put into your life, the more the money will actually flow in. In short you will work less and make more.

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