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By: Brian Gosur

"Mortgage Acceleration" sounds real good to me. Wouldnít we all like to be on that fast track to paying off our mortgage faster. Just think having a mortgage accelerator in place that would take you from 30 A method that will pay off my mortgage faster.
There are a lot of systems and programs that have come out lately that show us how to pay off our mortgages early. Most people have thirty, even forty year mortgages. Unfortunately they owe more than their homes are worth.

There is one such system that I have seen that I think no one can lay a hand on. It has been recognized by the financial community with awards and accolades The company has an above reproach record and is solid from the the owners on down through every one of itís agents in the field. This company is United First Financial, and the program is the Money Merge Account program.

The Money Merge Account program simply works. There are thousands of people that are using it and can vouch for itís performance, and hundreds of others that donít have any mortgages today because of the Money Merge Account program. I am using it as well. In only 6.5 years I will be completely debt free.

There have been glitches, not in the company or the program, but with the dip in the economy and the housing market, the Money Merge Account program, as with all the others, have taken a hit.

But there are people who are out there that have a mortgage, and have the means to get into a mortgage elimination program, and want to know how to pay off your mortgage early, but have never heard of United First Financial or the Money Merge Account program. more mortgage.

The economic climate has caused many U1st agents to give up on their This is not the time to quit! This is the best time to get started! It is because of the state of our economy in America that this program is so very

As a United First Financial agent, the goal of getting to branch manager as fast as 8000 points are needed in attaining this goal.

Now there are several ways to get to branch manager, but I would like to focus my interest on one.

The first one is the three foot rule. Talking to everybody the comes within three feet of you. A-type personalities do best with this form of marketing. This person has no fears and will go up and dialogue to anybody they meet. That works for only fifteen percent of the citizens because only fifteen percent of the population is a-type. The other 85% is where most people fall. Most network marketers use this way for the reason that it is what their up-line teaches them, and itís the only way they know how.

The second one is spending huge amounts of money on marketing. That will only work for those who are way above you that are already recognized and are building a very good income from their knowledge and their group, and how can you duplicate that for your down line?

The third one, and the one that I think works the best for the other 85% of the people, is marketing through the internet. There are persons right now that are out there, looking for a mortgage acceleration program, that can show them how to pay off their mortgage faster. They do their investigation online and many of them are looking at the Money Merge Account program right now ready to talk to someone and complete the transaction for the sale.

If you have tried the first option and it hasnít actually worked for you, and the second option is totally out of your league, let me persuade you to try the third one. Quit chasing your family and friends and begin attracting people to you that have done their inquiries and are ready to buy.

There is another way, the number one way that you can have those individuals, who are ready to buy the Money Merge Account program, calling you. Imagine no more cold calling and chasing leads, but having prospects call you. These marketing strategies are free, it wonít cost you anything.

With our fully branded attraction marketing system, "learning MLM secrets", you wonít waste time with the tire kickers.Just those that are ready to do business.

If you are set to give up, DONíT! Let me present you how to get you and the Money Merge Account program out in front of thousands of people who are looking for it right now. I will personally call you and show you how to obtain to branch manager the rapid way, through the internet.

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Brian Gosur is the president and CEO of Expert Innovations Inc. He is an expert internet marketer and coach of internet marketing strategies.

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