Money Making Landing Pages

By: Laura Patton

There are lots of systems intended to help network marketers master the art of making money on the net.

The question is, what works?

First we'll see the 6 crucial aspects in an effective lead capture or landing page.

You have 2 choices.

1. You can buy the tools to create your own landing pages that lead to affiliate programs or straight to your MLM opportunity.
2. You can link up with a marketing system that offers landing pages proven to convert network marketing opportunity seekers into leads.

I recommend the marketing system, even if you have know-how marketing on the web and know you can write good ad copy. In my opinion this choice will give you a built in training model for your new recruits and save you the headache of training.

When designing your own landing pages or evaluating a marketing system and the tools it offers there are 6 critical factors to look for in the layout according to David Garfinkel.

We will evaluate money making pages with a quick YouTube video at the end, so stay tuned for that.

1. COPY - Three essential elements
a. Headline With Compelling Benefits
b. Bullets Highlighting Your Irresistible Offer
c. Good Opt In Copy To Eliminate Fear

2. COLOR - Bright background color may be eye-catching but is not the right choice for conversions. Background colors of dark blue, white or gray have proven to work for most audiences.

3. DESIGN - For the entrepreneurial and network-marketing audience the ad copy is far more important than the visual layout and feel. Now, that's no excuse for being sloppy but spend more time on copy then design. Don't sweat the small stuff.

4. OFFER - This is the SIGNIFICANT piece - it must be compelling. The value of your offer must be more compelling than the need to safeguard their email address.
a. Focus more on what it does for the prospect than what it is
b. Create curiosity & desire
c. Skip details

Your perceived value according to Tim Erway is the deciding factor and must be greater than the desire to safeguard ones email address.

5. PRIVACY - On top of offering extreme value, place your privacy statement close to the opt in box.

6. OPT IN - The opt in submit button should be positive in nature. Something like "I Want In" or "Free Instant Access"

If you are new to the world of on line marketing or have had a website with hardly any success in driving traffic to it this may seem a little overwhelming. I was delighted and I thought, in over my head.

I know, your third grader could do this. YOU can do this!

Again, let me mention exploring the systems available that come with landing pages, training and free marketing tips.

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