MonaVie Success Plan For Struggling Network Marketers

By: Matt Hefner

Hi MonaVie people! I was just looking at the MonaVie website and was pretty impressed to say the least at how many people they have who are making over a million dollars per year in their company. While the sheer number of people who are raking in this kind of money is not unheard of it is very impressive for a company that has been in business for only five years.

The MonaVie company has a really good compensation plan and a great product but there are other reasons behind the big money being made here.. Mister Brig Hart had a lot to do with the quick growth of this company. This guy skipped out on Amway to join MonaVie and brought a group of hundreds of thousands of distributors with him.

Frankly, I don't blame Brig and the crew for doing what they did considering the circumstances. There has been quite a bit of fighting back and forth between Amway and MonaVie over this but I think Amway should just let it go and adjust their comp plan, products and marketing system accordingly to prevent more people from jumping ship into better paying opportunities.

We, as students of the network marketing industry should not focus on what caused the explosive growth of MonaVie but first how they have been able to sustain that growth and make it up into the one percent.

The MonaVie corporation has visionary leadership, a great product and one of the best training systems I have ever seen. They always pay on time every time, they ship quickly and they are right on top of any complaint or problem their distributors are facing. MonaVie has a one up on a lot of other companies by being a solid debt free corporation that runs efficiently and effectively and are always striving to improve.

Now I would like to turn the conversation toward you and how you can be successful like the people in this company who are making over a million dollars a year. It all has to do with influence. Take for example mister Brig Hart, he was already making over a million dollars a year in Amway when he joined MonaVie. I am sure you already know that someone of this calibur can pick up the phone and get things done. Don't you think? Darn right they can!

The last time I looked there were around 40 people making over a million dollars a year in MonaVie but bear in mind that there are about 70,000 people who earn an average weekly check of only $40 or less. Heck of a difference there! The question is, what sets the million dollar earners apart from the forty dollar a week earners? Simple! The first is knowledge, The second is influence and the third is not having a good system in place.

My goal in this article is to provide free tips and training to everyone struggling in their Monavie business and to provide a better way of doing business for everyone who wants to free up their time and really live the dream that they visioned when getting started in their network marketing opportunity.

You have to position yourself as a person of influence and an expert in your field if you ever want to achieve the results of the million dollar earners in your business. With the MonaVie opportunity the money is there to be made. All you have to do is learn a few simple things that the top earners know that you don't and I am going to give it to you for free.

If you want to learn the secrets that will set you free you will get my free training by visiting my site and putting in your name and email address to subscribe to my newsletter. I look forward to being the one that helps you to achieve those million dollar yearly earnings. Be blessed my friends and be on the look out for my next post!

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