Mommy, You’re Too Fat

By: Sarah Carlye

You know your child loves you, but she is too young to realize the pain it causes you to hear “Mommy you’re too fat”. That is not usually the end of the sentence. Next, your child may add some activity that you can’t do because you are too fat or clothing you can’t wear because you are too fat. For many moms, this is when they feel like they hit bottom and decide to do something about their weight.

It is one thing to decide to loose weight it is another thing to get started and do it. Different approaches work for different types of people. No matter how eating habits are changed, physical activity will need to be increased for successful weight loss.

There are different ways to approach a weight loss program. Think of your own personality and the process you follow to be successful in other areas of your life.


This might be an inappropriate title considering we are talking about weigh loss, but everyone is familiar with the term even if they don’t know the phrase’s origin. If you are most successful when you jump with both feet forward and take off running, this is the method that will work best for you. To get started do the following:

• Pick a day that you weight loss program will begin
• Choose a diet and a form of exercise
• Have only the food allowed on the diet in the house
• Schedule specific days you will exercise each week
• Decide on a day off that rotates every 6-8 days
• Find support


• Choose a diet and create an exercise plan
• Break the diet and exercise plan into phases
• Schedule when each new phase will begin
• Decide on a day off that rotates every 6-8 days
• Find support
• Begin phase one of weight loss plan


For this method you will need to pick and choose which parts of each method work best for you. Maybe you need to go cold turkey on the diet but phase in the exercise plan.

Which ever method you choose, don’t give up if it isn’t successful right from the start. Keep trying and keep changing things around if after 3-4 weeks the method you chose is unsuccessful.

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