Modern Aerobic Workouts

By: Sheila Ffloyd

Aerobic exercise first became popular in the 1980s. Gyms were packed with people wearing spandex and leg warmers, chanting "No pain, no gain". The leg warmers may have gone out of fashion, but the aerobic workout remains a popular choice for having fun and staying fit.

The common obstacles for the weight loss projects available are a lack of time for it, consistency of exercise, and the thought that you're getting tired of all these exhausting activities that doesn't seem to work on you, because the results are minimal.

It is better for you to see some sort of results. Sometimes the problem is you work hard on the exercise and fail to eat the right kind of foods, or often you're not consistent with the time and rhythm on the type of exercise you chose.

Aerobics has a great emphasis on the consistency and the rhythm including the time given for it. There is a minimum and maximum time recommended for every type of aerobics. Knowing these times gives you a greater chance on better results.

It's no fun to torture your body with hard work. That's why aerobics can be such a great choice. It's not just about running endlessly on a treadmill or sweating it out in the gym. There are many ways to keep your oxygen intake circulating that you'll find enjoyable, rather than simply exhausting.

People have been enjoying aerobics exercises for decades with swimming, yoga, tai chi, aerobic boxing, rhythmic dancing and other activities. Check online or visit your bookstore or magazine stand for more information on the many forms of aerobics exercise.

The best part of it is that not only does it really work, it's fun to participate in activities such as the ones mentioned. When you're enjoying yourself it is easier to commit. When you're commit yourself fully, consistency and change follows.

If you're interested in taking up an aerobics exercise program, take the time to see your doctor. A physician should always be consulted before starting any exercise regime. With your doctor's permission, you can then choose from three basic types of aerobics: step, low and high intensity.

Step aerobics, as the name implies, involves a one-two step concept. You exercise with a bench step, a block or anything that you can step on in a constant rhythm. High class aerobics denotes more movement such as jumping and bouncing similar to the dance type aerobics and the like. The low class aerobics is focused more with keeping one foot on the ground, which means less jumping and bouncing. Different classes, different results. To determine which would be best for you, consult a health care professional.

Whichever type of aerobic workout you choose, the main goal is to stay fit. Step aerobics are easy to do and a great choice if you don't have time for more involved sports or exercises. It doesn't involve any heavy gear or equipment. All you need is a sturdy platform and the commitment to set aside time every day.

Ask your family or friends to get involved in your aerobics exercise plan. Having someone to exercise with makes it more exciting, and you'll be sharing good health with those you love.

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