Mobility Vans: The Modifications That Make them Suitable Transports for Elderly and Invalid People

By: AmandaTom

A van of general model and make, when undergoes transformation to develop configurations suitable to transfer mobility compromised passenger, is referred to as mobility vans. In order to facilitate travelling for physically incapacitated people, providers transform normal vans into vehicles that are special suits for such passengers. If you are still undecided about whether the senior person in your family needs a mobility van on not, then read through to learn all about the different features of these vehicles.

The vans are modified on the basis of the requirements of the passengers. Since such vehicles are mostly hired for the purpose of transporting people from one place to another, the providers make modifications of two categories, first for people in wheelchairs and others on basic walking aids. However, basic or advanced, the changes go as discussed here. The first conversion in mobility vans are lowered floor portions. A part of the van base is lowered to level the ground to a point at which it can be mounted easily. The second more basic change is alteration in the seating configuration. The normal seats are replaced by the ones that can accommodate wheelchairs.

Aside lowering the ground, the vehicles are fitted with ramps and lift to initiate easy access from outside. Often the flexibility contraptions are installed in the seats so that they can be turned in to make space for entry and exit. The internal mechanisms of mobility vans are also given some changes to work with the structural differences. For instance, the suspensions of the vans are made stiffer so that they are boosted to bear the extra weight of wheel chairs and other add-ons installed after conversion. Power kneeling systems are added to the vehicles to ensure that the ramps are not sloped out to prevent things from rolling out unnecessarily from inside the vehicle.

In many cases the fuel lines and gas tanks are changed to suit the internal modifications. Aside, most importantly, the vehicles are certified by the NHTSA in order to be assured of the safety features. However, if you are to hire mobility vans that the concerned will travel in as a passenger and not a driver, then the changes of second category are made. Some of them are floor reinforcement, added seats, hoists, new windows, van lining, Q’Straint, etc.

The vehicles can have two types of entries: side and rear. The side entry is best when the concerned person intends to drive the vehicle and take the driver’s seat. Rear entry is good for passengers, especially because the entryway is wider and thus easy for entry and exit. The vehicles are available for both hire and purchase, as required. There are innumerable providers that offer such vehicles at flexible and competitive rental rates. Search the Internet to find a trusted local provider. Visit our site for more details.

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