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By: Mel Joelle

Till now, when a person wants to search anything over the web space, he or she generally goes to his PC or laptop to carry out the search; but the scenario is changing rapidly. People don’t have time to go to the PC to search anything and they are requiring the search, anytime and anywhere. So, now most of the people are performing the search from their mobile phones, instead of PC.

Few years back, there was hardly any person, who was searching from their cell phones; but now millions of people round the world are searching their queries from their mobile phones, thanks to the advent of multimedia phones and 3G technology. Though, mobile phones are capable to perform search from the very beginning, but those are not efficient. It was not at all convenient to carry out a search using the mobile phone. Another constraint was the speed of the connection. Most of the mobile phones were primitive 2G technology enabled and it takes a whole lot of time to perform the search with the help of the 2G connection.

The scenario is completely different, as of now. Most of the mobile phones are now 3G compatible and 3G infrastructure is getting ready all over the world in a rapid pace. So, now it is really easy to carry out search over the mobile phones. People are taking the advantage of the changing scenario. Now, there is hardly any people, who are depending upon the PC to search any string.

The new habit of the people to carry out the search has thrown a new challenge on websites and blogs owners. Till now, the website owners and bloggers were just focusing on the people, searching over the PC. Now, they have a new group of people to focus on.

The web space for the mobile phone users is completely different than the web space for the PC or laptop users. The operating system and web browser for mobile phones is completely different than operating system and web browser for the PC. The website which is easily opening in the web browser of the PC, will not at all open in the web browser of the mobile phones.

All the websites of the conventional space has to be redesigned to get compatible with the mobile phone browser. One may has to spend some money to design and publish the mobile version of his or her website, but no one can ignore the huge mass, who are using their cell phone to search anything.

Not only mobile version of the website, but website owners have to do marketing of their websites and blogs from scratch in the mobile web space. If your website has already secured a good position in the conventional search pages, that doesn’t means that, your site will secure a good rank in the mobile search pages. So, you have to do SEO of tour mobile version of your website or blog. Go ahead, make your presence felt in the newly found space.

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