Mobile Media Advertising

By: Mel Joelle

Difference Between Media and Mobile Media

To broach the subject of mobile media advertising, first the broader usage of media advertising has to be outlined. Media advertising is simply the use of media and media devices to advertise a business, company, service, B2B product or service, or any single item or merchandise. Media advertising is broader than digital advertising, because newspapers, magazines, and other print ads are still part of all media available. For local businesses in many suburban and small town areas, it is much more common for them to use local newspaper advertising, print ad inserts and so forth – in order to advertise a sale or promotion.

Mobile media advertising is much more specific. This refers to advertising that focuses only on mobile devices and their available media. However, the media that can be accessed from a mobile device varies from brand to brand and device to device – such as with smartphones. This is something advertisers and business owners must keep in mind when developing a mobile media campaign.

Smartphone Software Application Advertising

Advertisers are given a choice to make when they go with smartphone software application advertising, because the type of applications that are accessible and unique to each mobile device brand must be developed for advertising as well. This means that advertisers must decide if they want to target Apple mobile applications and media, Android applications and media, Verizon, etc. An mobile application that is developed for advertising a business, company or line of products cannot be used or distributed across brands. So for every software application that is developed for a brand of devices, advertisers are leaving out a large percentage of mobile device users. However, the conversion rates and customer retention for most mobile advertising through mobile software applications are quite high, which makes the trade-off worth it for most companies who go with this route. Of course, for very large corporations and companies like Amazon and Netflix, more than one software application can be developed and distributed for several different mobile device brands.

SMS/Text Advertising

This option for mobile media advertising was at least at one time, if not still, the most popular method for advertising on mobile devices, for several reasons. First, unlike an email, a text ad goes straight to the consumer. It does not require figuring in how many people actually opened up and read the ad when tracking the success of a campaign. Secondly, text advertising is very cost effective compared to many other types of mobile media advertising. Rates are usually set a small price per text. Lastly, conversion rate results from this method are typically successful. It requires very little effort for a consumer to reply to a text ad in order to receive a discount on a purchase, or a coupon, and so forth.

Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons can work in a few ways as well. They can be sent via text message, as stated above, and the consumer simply shows the retailer the coupon. Or they can be accessed through a mobile application or website, or emailed via mobile email. QR codes are sometimes included as a type of mobile coupon, which are those small black

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