Mobile Marketing Industry

By: Mel Joelle

What to Know About Mobile Marketing

The industry of the mobile web and mobile web marketing is growing way faster than many of us can keep up with. Many business owners feel uninformed, left behind, or otherwise lost when it concerns using any kind of mobile web platform for their business. It’s not an uncommon lament for small and medium sized business owners who want to tap into the potential of mobile marketing, not to know where to start, what methods to use, or how to effectively implement mobile marketing strategies. Even many businesses who have begun to use mobile platforms have only done so in very limited ways, wanting to keep up with not only the demands of technology, but realizing that more and more people are shopping, searching, and buying from a hand-held device. The mobile marketing industry is indeed an enormous opportunity to catch buyers, consumers and shoppers at moments that can optimize conversion rates, both online and offline. So where does a business start with mobile marketing?

The Basics of Going Mobile

One of the first things to start with is a mobile website, or at the very least, a website that is accessible to mobile devices. Many businesses create mobile websites that are separate from their desktop view, because as the mobile web develops rapidly, this is really the way to go, in order to prevent a desktop site that is merely mobile web accessible, from becoming antiquated in a short period of time.

Hiring a mobile web developer is one option, if there are a lot of applications and graphics that must be downsized and reconfigured. However, Google offers a free, simple and fast way to get your website on the mobile web, and accessible to mobile web users and consumers. From Google Sites, you can create a simple mobile landing page from one of their business templates. Cool features include location maps, a “click-to-call” feature for local businesses, a tool for adding mobile images, custom template options, and more. It is important to give your mobile URL a different one than your desktop site, such as, or

Another feature that is offered by Google and other mobile website development tools are various mobile buttons, such as the “click-to-call” just mentioned. However, one of the most useful buttons for mobile websites is the social button, which allows users to share your website on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc – with the touch of a button. This is crucial for making your site truly mobile friendly, and it offers countless opportunities for branding, marketing, and even free advertising – let your website visitors, consumers and customers do your advertising for you by “liking” your site on Facebook. The best part is, this type of mobile web advertising is free.

Paid Mobile Marketing Methods

There are many, many ways to market your business on the mobile web. To name just a few of some of the most well-known methods:

SMS (Text) marketing and text clubs

mobile social media marketing

mobile coupons, which can be formatted or distributed in multiple ways

QR codes

mobile email (which is sometimes used in combination with digital coupons)

These are just a handful of ways businesses, retailers and professional services can create a direct line to their target markets at the time of purchase or purchase decision. No business can ask for a more optimal time to reach a consumer.

The mobile web offers real time marketing solutions that open up a huge potential for improved business-to-consumer or seller-to-buyer relationships and brand loyalty. If a customer knows that whenever he or she needs a product your business sells, that there will usually be an applicable digital coupon waiting in their inbox, both loyalty and conversion rates will be maximized. And that’s just one of dozens of ways the mobile web and mobile marketing can help your business grow.

Don’t be afraid of the mobile marketing industry – it’s actually a lot simpler than you may think, and it can be a goldmine of opportunity if smart strategies are developed and executed.

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