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By: Mel Joelle

When it comes to marketing a business, owners and managers will find that times have changed significantly. The days of simply posting advertisements in the newspaper, television or radio is not nearly as effective. People simply skip through most of these advertisements, which makes them a waste of money for the most part. In fact, even when people paid close attention to these advertisements, they still were not the most effective sources. Businesses need a way to spend their money advertising to their target market and not an entire city. Fortunately, times have changed, which eliminated the effectiveness of some forms of advertising; however, new, more effective, ones have appeared. One of the new concepts is to use mobile marketing and there are several ways a business can use this technology.

SMS Marketing

The first way a business can use mobile marketing is through text messaging, which is very effective, considering nearly 90 percent of the population owns and phone and the majority of them have a text messaging plan. This concept is extremely easy to use, because there are a lot of companies that will sell businesses databases of cell numbers. This program will allow businesses to analyze all of the numbers in the system and quickly figure out where the numbers are from. This feature will allow them to target a very specific audience, which is something that cannot be accomplished with ordinary marketing. The company could send out messages to people in a specific area, which will draw flocks of customers into the store. Even if the person, who receives the message is not interested in what the store has to offer, they will likely know several people who would be. When they tell their friends and family about the store that contacted them, the business will find that their business will substantially increase.

Miscellaneous Mobile Marketing

Businesses can also optimize their website to be mobile friendly. This will allow their customers to keep tabs on what the business is doing and they can even make a purchase, via their phone’s browser. Business are also beginning to see huge results from social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, a lot of businesses fail to ensure that they regularly update their social media pages. If businesses do not update their pages, no one is going to hassle with trying to access the page on their mobile device. Another option that businesses can use for mobile marketing is through the creation of applications, which are typically referred to as apps. These will allow people to keep up with the business’s special offers and everyone enjoys finding free apps for their new phone.

Businesses can truly run away with the market by participating in mobile marketing. The concept is not hard to understand at all, because everyone will at least look at the mobile ads, which cannot be said about other ads. In addition, all of these tactics can be accomplished with a few clicks of a mouse, so it is not tedious work.

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