Mobile Fleet Washing In Calgary Does the Job on the go.

By: Nathan Hilson

There are many companies operating in this field, however there are only a few who provide the mobile washing units. The transportation business is on a high rise and doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. Mobile fleet washes in Calgary are a common sight as there are over 500 of these vehicles all over Canada. The trucks travel long distances and gather a lot of dirt, mud and other stuff. Having its mudguards and bumpers along with the side skirts are what catch the most dirt, especially during monsoons. The fleet pressure wash in Calgary is done by various vendors and the enormous water pressure makes sure that no particles remain.

The interesting thing about the Calgary pressure washing companies is that they make sure they are environmentally sound. They use up all the waste water spread out by them and always use bio degradable chemicals to wash of the dirt. The state and federal laws state that the trucks should be washed on a regular interval to prevent the spreading of the waste and dirt. So Truck washes in Calgary, Ab are carried out almost daily and most of the time the technique used is the mobile fleet washing in Calgary.

The mobile units have made life a lot easier for the growing transport companies. Earlier the companies had to take the trucks all the way to the washing stations or the washing bay at service centers. This not only increased their fuel costs but also used up a lot of time. With the mobile fleet wash in Calgary the entire fleet of trucks is washed at once. Using the wasted water prevents misuse of the precious resource.

The environmental hazards were many back in the day when regular shampoos and highly toxic chemicals were used to get the dirt off the body. That not only damaged the paint work but also produced fumes which added to the pollution in the atmosphere. The new age companies abide by the laws and do their bit to keep the environment hazard free. The materials and chemicals used today are tested and approved.

The cost for washing the fleet may be higher than before but it is made up by the fuel saved. At the end of the wash all the waste water is collected with a pump and processed. The processing is done to remove all the oils and dirt. The same water is reused for other projects. A sustainable way to do the needful is the best way to do it. The growing economic and environmental issues cannot be battled in a day. But if everybody and every company doe their bit, the problems will surly decrease. The mobile fleet wash technique is quickly being adopted by many companies and countries too. The new way to wash vehicles walks hand in hand with technology. This is a classic example of using the technological potential to its fullest. Spending the extra buck may go a long way to protect the environment we live in.

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