Mitigating the risks associated with outsourcing Android App development to India

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Mitigating the risks associated with outsourcing Android App development to India Their strategy of shipping with as many carriers as possible has proven to be a sound business strategy, overwhelming Apple's elitist approach with sheer numbers. This has translated to an increasing demand for apps and games developed for the Android platform. India has carved a niche in the programming and app development industry. This has lend to an increasing trend of outsourcing Android app development to programmers and designers in India. Some of the programmers involved in app development India offers are among the best and most dedicated workers around. There are however some risks a person outsourcing web development to India should be aware of.

Indian app developers work for less costly hourly rates than their Western counterparts. This is due in part o the lower cost of living in their country compared to Western nations. The Indian work culture is slightly different from those of other countries. It is normal for workers in India to put in 12 hours a day. This may sound like a boon to those looking to outsource their app development to Indian programmers. But here's the catch. Most Indians tend to take a lax view regarding meeting deadlines. It is true that Indians do work long hours, but incorporated into those hours are coffee breaks, meal breaks, and other time increments where no work is actually done. Clients looking for contractors to hire for app development would do well to opt for a fixed project contract instead of one which pays the contractor by the hour. Hourly rates, although less costly in India, may reach staggering amounts when clients allow their contractors unlimited billing times.

Communication is a vital part in outsourcing a project. People looking to find the best people in app development India offers would do well to conduct interviews over the phone or via Internet clients. Although most Indians are educated in schools which follow British standards, many are still incapable of speaking advanced English, vital when talking about designs and abstract concepts.. Making sure that the contractor can at least understand what the client wants done is essential when choosing Indian contractors. Asking for credentials and previous app development is a given in such endeavors. Clients should try and look for contractors with specific experience centered around building the type of apps they want done. Indians approach the employee-employer relationship a bit informally. Beware of Indian contractors who may seem too formal or stiff, chances are, they are not confident enough in their own skills, thus resorting to formality to get the job. An important aspect to remember when outsourcing app development jobs to India is that many programmers in the country have a tendency to work on a problem, regardless of how important or negligible it is to the overall project. Clients should always keep in constant communication with their contractors. Indians rarely ask questions, but they are more than capable in troubleshooting problems which they may have missed. Pointing out bugs, design flaws and other problems out as soon as they occur and listening to any suggestions the contractor may give will greatly facilitate the development process. Also, it pays to be aware of the time difference. Talk and confer at a time amenable to both the client and the contractor. This will make the contractor respect the client more and motivate them to get the work done as efficiently as possible.

India has some of the best programmers and app developers. Knowing how to tap the best, and how to keep them focused on the task at hand is vital for anyone looking to outsource Android app development to India. Keeping cultural differences in mind and treating Indian contractors with the respect due to their expertise is a great way to facilitate the completion of app development projects.

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