Mistakes to be avoided while delivering a Motivational speech

By: Sarah Jose

Your motivational speech cannot be excellent if you make any mistakes while delivering your speech. The following mistakes must be avoided while delivering a motivational speech.
Nervousness and fear of delivering speech are the most important mistake that has to be controlled essentially. You must reduce your fear level. Otherwise you may be forced into a situation to forget what you want to say. Build confidence in your speaking abilities. Practice your speech to build confidence. Do some confidence boosting exercises and relax yourself before delivering your speech. When you feel nervous in front of the audience, you may take a deep breath and speak from your heart to give some of your truthful experiences for a few minutes so that you can reduce your fear level first.
The next mistake is inflexible speech. Your speech must be flexible enough. But do not bore your audience with your continuous speech related to topic. So you can add your own thoughts, feelings, and words to your speech. But be sure that you do not deviate much from the speech topic. The flexibility in your speech can be achieved only through enough practice.
Speaking unclearly and leaving long pause in between your speech must also be avoided. It is very important to make your speech legibly and clearly. So, stress and repeat your main messages many times so that your audience gets the idea of what you are talking about. Do not give a long pause in between your speech. Avoid uttering filler words like um, eh, uh, etc. Be yourself and speak in your own language and style while delivering your speech. Only then your audience will appreciate it. On the other hand, if you use complicated words or speak in a different tone or use complicated words, your audience may not be interested. You will feel more comfortable to deliver your speech only if you know your topic well.
Most people can understand more information about your speech only through a visual presentation rather than just speech presentation. Hence, it is very important to prepare visual presentations related with your speech topic. Presentation mistakes must be avoided if you want your speech to be effective. Avoid giving handouts to your audience beforehand since a handout may further distract your audience from listening to your speech. Avoid wasting your time and your audience’s time by giving long and unmemorable presentations. Your motivational speech content should aim at exactly what you want to achieve by your speech and what you want the audience to do for that. Refine your speech content to the most significant points and use those points as reminders during your presentation. Avoid just standing and reading your slides. But instead give explanation to emphasize, highlight or elucidate each slide. Your presentation must focus on how you can meet the needs of your audience. To be precise, your presentation must be written for your audience and not about you. Avoid unclear and unpleasant fonts and colors for your presentation. Use pleasant colors. Use catchy colors to highlight new section or key points. Relevant stories, anecdotes, and humor can make even the most complicated presentation interesting and informative. Facts, figures, and statistics can also add life to your presentation.
Present or dress yourself smart before the audience such that you express professionalism and success. Business apparel might be the best one for delivering motivational speech.

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