Mining For Gold With A Spoon: How Using The Right Tools Works Better

By: WarrenSmithMT

Long ago I heard someone say"... it takes more heart than brains to succeed". At the time I believed them, but I'm not so sure about that any more. I now think it takes a good dose of both.

The town I currently live in was founded on mining. Since the 1860's, millions of miners have come and gone, staking claims, physically toiling at the task of moving earth to access precious metals. I respect these brave souls for having the heart to follow a dream that very few ever achieved. Somehow the allure of finding the "mother lode" kept them at it.

Miners came from around the country and globe to seek their fortune. They came with little knowledge of how to mine, little money, and few tools to blindly pursue their dreams.

Just for a second here, fast forward this concept a century and a half... What I just described sounds eerily familiar to network marketing.

Back to the history lesson.

History showed us that the guy on the work end of a shovel or pick-axe was not the one making the money! Persistence and hard work- although great character traits - do not seem to be the only necessities to amassing wealth.

A fellow by the name W.A. Clark started out this way in mining. He dug. He sweated. He hurt.

He also thought... what were all the miners doing? The exact same, and achieving the same results - not much!

Then he became aware that all the miners had similar needs. They needed supplies! They needed tools. And he realized that he could profit from their needs.

Clark started selling supplies. Everyone digging needed food, shelter, tools, equipment, clothing...

Let's get to the point here... and it is impressive. Clark's wealth was created by supplying miners. Then he started buying mines and got rich when others began working for him - to the tune of more than $17 million per month during the early 1900's. That's one smart guy!

The MLM industry of the 21st century is not much different. Millions of underequiped mlm business startersare out there digging - in search of gold - with spoons. They don't have the necessary experience or tools to succeed.

The result is an astounding 97% MLM failure rate.

So, why are there Clark type entrepreneurs making a killing in MLM? It's due to their intelligence to provide their prospects the tools they need to succeed, and getting paid for doing that while they mine their own MLM motherlodes.

These MLM mining tools are called "Funded Proposals" and "Self Liquidating Offers", otherwise known as as affiliate marketing.

You're not selling them. Rather, you provide a link to a service that network marketers can use to mine for prospects. You dispense the what, when, where and how to knowledge, which means you become a valuable resource.

And as that resource, the leads that you provide good service and value to become prospects as your relationship with them grows. Best of all, those prospects now buy someone elses products through you, which pays for your marketing while you build your MLM empire.

You want to monetize your leads, so your monthly MLM commissions go in your pocket instead of paying for your advertising: your leads now pay for that!

Millions of "MLM miners" exist all over the world - in fact over 100,000 new distributors sign up daily. Doesn't it makesense to affiliate market the best tools to them?

You don't nave to dig with a spoon any longer. You can provide tools to the other miners while you build your business.

I'll show you how if you follow my link below...

Or you can keep digging with your spoon.

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