Mini calla lilies for perfect weddings

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Calla lilies are one of the most important symbols of marriage, being successfully used at such events. These plants feature long roots, long and thin leaves and a flower that consists of a pink, orange, white, black, purple, red, or multicolored spathe and a central spadix that is usually yellow.

Mini calla lilies are perfect to be used as centerpieces at the wedding venue, to decorate the church where the religious ceremony takes place, or even to form the bride’s wedding bouquet. Corsages, boutonnieres, bridesmaids’ bouquets, calla lilies can be used in virtually any arrangement.

Calla lilies are known to grow very tall, that is why, wedding planners prefer to use mini calla lilies to decorate the wedding venue and church. Small specimens of calla lilies grow as tall as 17 inches. Regardless of their height, it is important to note that all calla lilies feature the same elements.

And the pièce de résistance of a calla lily is its flower. Although the name of this plant would make us think its flower is somewhat similar to the flower of a calla or perhaps of a lily, the truth is that calla lily’s flower does not resemble any of these two. Its flower presents a lovely coloured spathe that encircles a yellow spadix.

These plants grow from a rhizome and are generally used as garden or cut flowers. They can also be used as ornamental potted plants. When they are grown in a garden or pot, they require a rich and humid soil, and indirect sunlight. When used as cut flowers, they present the benefit of having a long vase life.

And a long life after being cut is exactly what wedding planners want. A plant that is capable of resisting several days in potentially harsh conditions, including during wintertime, is a plant that draws every wedding planner’s attention. The resistance of such a plant combined with methods of preserving the plant fresh for a long time make a calla lily be one of the most popular plants and weddings.

And if the bride loves her bouquet containing calla lilies so much, she can even preserve the bouquet for eternity. This can be easily done by pressing the plant’s leaves and flowers on a piece of cardboard. While this technique of preserving a wedding bouquet is not that difficult, it is recommended that brides let professionals undertake it.

Calla lilies are very prolific and highly adaptable and can cover a new area of a garden very rapidly, as long as they have the necessary conditions, which are represented by high humidity, sunlight and a rich soil. To make sure such plants would have a long life, gardeners fertilise them regularly.

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Planning a wedding or any other event where elegance and glamour will be the main features? Consider enhancing the atmosphere with some mini calla lilies. These plants express innocence, passion, and honesty, come in a large variety of colours, and can be used to decorate anything from tables and church chairs to tiaras and gowns.

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