Mind Control Tricks For Building Confidence Levels

By: Lorna Luck

Personal development starts with building confidence levels so that you are confident and secure in your current environment. You're then much better prepared to start using your mind to control how you think, because thinking can be hard work, which is why so many people avoid it.

If you really want to learn about building confidence, and empowering yourself to lead a better and more fulfilled life, you will need to spend some to change your habits and how you react to the situations that are disempowering you.

Change Can Be Easy - If You Really Want It

Fortunately for us, making these changes in our lives is relatively easy. In this article we're going to cover how to identify what you need to change in your life, and some very simple NLP techniques you cab start using right away that will help you to start changing your habits for the better.

The habits we are talking about here are those we use mentally, usually without realising, that process the never ending input of data from our surroundings and the experiences we encounter in day to day life.

The way our mind processes this never ending supply of data determines how we ultimately react. This first thing that happens is that our brain checks our memory to see if we have experienced this situation before. If we have, it simply recalls the feelings and emotions we felt when we last experienced it, and we go through the same reaction all over again. That's our habitual way of reacting to situations without thinking about it.

Our automatic habits like this can have a positive or negative impact on us, depending on the type of stored emotions we associate with them. The positive impact, like driving a car, allow us to perform certain actions without too much conscious effort. Have you ever driven somewhere then wondered how you actually got there when you arrived? That's an automatic habit.

The negative impact is when we continue to experience debilitating and disempowering emotions over certain behaviours. One example being if you have a habit of feeling overly nervous and anxious when you meet someone new for the first time. Or if you habitually suffer stress and anxiety when trying to approach a potential date. These habits are making you weak and are unfulfilling.

Your habits are controlling the way you automatically react to all these situations - and you instinctively go along with it without asking yourself why you are reacting that way. But the good news is that weak and disempowering habits and emotions can be changed - and fairly easily too.

You start by simply being aware of how you are reacting. Then you ask yourself some probing questions - like "why am I responding in this way?", and "how would I really like to feel when in this situation?" Asking how you would like to feel and respond is a great question to ask, as it allows you visualize the end result. See yourself feeling happy, or confident, or relaxed and in control.

Once you know the end result you want, you might want to ask "what's the best way for me to start to feel that way, or behave that way, or react that way?" It may sound strange but this all hangs on you asking yourself some simple questions, and supplying some answers.

So every time you feel you are reacting in a negative way, stop and thing for a second and ask yourself how you would prefer to feel. Then focus on feeling that way, and having the positive emotions you would prefer. Keep practicing feeling better about the situation until it becomes second nature - or a new habit.

By actively deciding how you will react, you are taking control of your life and your emotions, and building confidence levels. You can apply these techniques to every emotion your experience - to turn the bad ones into good ones, and the good ones into even better ones. By being constantly aware of your habits and automatic reactions, you can eliminate the bad habits and reactions and replace them with good ones - simply by using simple techniques.

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Loren Luck is a personal development coach who loves teaching people how to build confidence. Here she explains some simple techniques for building confidence levels. She offers a free program teaching how to build confidence at magic-hats.com

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