Military Tax Exemptions

By: Liza C

The military tax exemptions can be truly bewildering for those who are not aware of it. However, a member of the military should understand this benefit to enjoy it and use the income in other important ways.

A military can get his/her tax exemption for his/herself, spouse and every individual that's entitled as the member's dependent. On the other hand, if another individual, who is also a taxpayer gets an exemption for the military person or his/her partner, the armed force member cannot get an exemption on his/her tax return. And, if the military already get an exemption for his/her dependent, the dependent can no longer claim an exemption on his/her tax return.

If the member of the armed forces desires to claim an exemption for his/her dependent, the service person must present one the following requirements: (1) individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), (2) social security number (SSN) (3) adoption taxpayer identification number (ATIN) for every dependent for every dependent. Lacking of any of these requirements, the claim for exemption may not be granted.

If one of these requirements has been presented, the service person can only get an exemption for his/her dependent when he/she passes the five tests . These five tests are as follows:

1. Resident or citizen test a dependent should be an American citizen or resident or a resident of Mexico or Canada.
2. Gross income test the dependent should have a gross income of less than $2800
3. Relationship or member of household test the dependent must be related to the service person that does not live with the service member.
4. Joint Return Test the dependent should have not filed any joint return.
5. Support Test the dependent must obtain more than half of his/her support from the service person during the year.

There are so many benefits for our respectable men and women in uniform. They only need to know and understand it in order to maximize their income and help their family in their everyday living.

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