Method of Painting Indoor Wooden Doors by Making Use of a Roller

By: alaxia adison

Most of the individuals might be looking and searching for a method regarding the painting of their wooden doors by making use of roller. Here is the method that will surely be answering all of you queries and questions in a detailed way and manner. Starting with, rollers are used primarily and basically for the indoor purposes. If the paint of the indoor wooden doors gets peeled off, then make use of a roller and get done with your painting task. To begin with a method, an individual first has to lay down a canvas cloth on his work station area. With the help of 150 grit sand paper, sand your wooden door firmly. This will make the surfaces of the wooden doors to get adhered to the paint properly and completely. The residue and remaining of the sand paper needs to be removed with the help wet towel.

An individual has to make sure that all the sand has been removed and eradicated properly and the surfaces of the wooden door are ready for the adhesion.Make sure that you remove the handle of the door before you get start painting the door. You can also cover it with the tape so that the drips of the paint might not drop on the door handle. Start unscrewing the door hinges by making use of a screw driver. Remove all the hinge pins. In case, some of the hinge pins are strangle embedded in the door and cannot be extracted out, the cover them with a tape. If you are going to detach the door, it will take longer time because you have to wait for one side to be dried up and only then you can start painting the other side of the door. It is totally up to the individual that whether he wants to detach the door or he wants the door to be at its position.

After this step, start applying stain block primer on the surfaces of the wooden door, let it dry to proceed to another step. It has been noticed that as the wood gets old, it start releasing the oil that automatically enables the paint to become discolor. Make sure that you use this primer so that your paint may remain durable and may not get discolor in less span of time.After making use of the primer, start painting your door with a roller. Paint it in a parallel way and manner so that the roller marks may not get appeared on the wooden door. Gently and smoothly paint the door so that fineness can be seen and witnessed. Let the paint to be dried up. Follow the same steps on the other side of the door. Make sure that you follow the above steps in a correct way. Take off the tapes from the door handle and hinges and your wooden door is ready to look new again!

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