Merging business thoughts with tomorrow’s technology

By: Patricia

In this new age of business, more and more individuals and companies worldwide are collaborated with the support of emerging technology. These electronic linking develops a strong bond between consumer and company in a low-cost way.
Technology is the cause and driver in forming business strategy. That means technology is not an afterthought in business. E-commerce is the only thing or concept which dissolves old business model by changing its cost structure and the relationship between customer and the company.
The growth of technology encompasses with three different phases. The first phase checks whether there exist an online presence or not. In its second phase, order flow and gross revenue are the two major things that we need to focus while performing transactions over digital media. But, the funniest part was the buyer and the seller who never would have found each other in the past.
The first blossom which informs the start of third phase is happening right before our eyes. The third phase of e-commerce focus on how the internet can impact profitability. Profitability is about increasing the gross margins along with the increase of gross revenue. CEOs merge their business ideas with technology as a part of investigating new techniques to deliver expected results. This is how technology affects business and it is the so called concept e-business, which enables a company to deal with business transactions.
It is impossible to estimate the impact of technology on business. Its effect resembles the motion of water over time. Like an ocean erodes the shore, technology erodes strategies that enable business models to perform in an unpredictable manner. Rethinking and redesigning the company’s existing business model is the first step to profiting in this e-business information era. Due to the unexpected changes in technology, majority of executives are busy with dealing operational problems to think of future.
It is time to change our angle of vision, learn to see things differently. It means learning to question the current framework and understand how the current paradigm is radically changing business processes. A core component of successful e-business practice is assessing and redesigning how your company provide value to its customers. Visionary companies understand that the current business models are insufficient to meet the challenges of doing business in this competitive environment. Successful firms prefer perfectly tuned integration of customer requirements, strategies and technology. The fusion of business design, processes, applications and systems are the major requirements of this customer centric innovation. Transform the shape of enterprise to improve customer loyalty and drive profit growth.
Top managements mindset in pursuing new technology, skill to analyse the company’s ability to fight with new entrants and capability to change inflexible business models are the things required to operate the firm successfully. Thoughtfully deals the risks and difficulties in integrating and implementing the enterprise applications. Create appropriate infrastructure to participate in e-business by setting your long term goals. To achieve business goals, understand the logic of e-business and attempting to innovate in comfort zones. Then redefine the old business models with the aid of technology. This is how today’s business connect with technology. We have buy essay online to get deeper ideas about trends in business

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