Mentor Fathers Should Teach Their Children About Painting

By: Joe Babika

As a Mentor house painter and self proclaimed master artist of my profession, there are some life lessons I want to share with you. There are lots of skills young fathers will have to teach their sons as they mature. What comes to mind the truth is is the right way to fix problems with the family car; changing a tire, oil and windshield wipers. Traditionally I speak of the relationship between father and son, but this article also applies to fathers and daughters. Being in a position to be a "handy-man" around the house is an crucial skill for young adults to procure in order that when they're actually mature adults with their very own homes and apartments , in order that they don't seem to be at a loss by way of fixing and refurbishing projects. I highly recommend teaching your children about painting. Yes, even painting has longevity within the lifetime of an individual. What number of times have you needed to select a paint; and what type, what color, what brushes or perhaps not even brushes simply the choice of wallpaper would possibly unravel the problem. And what if this young home owner had no time or skill to complete a huge home project? Under what criteria would they use to hire a skilled painter to do the job if they themselves have never painted anything of their lives? The paradox is equal to shopping for a up to date car, of course, you are accompanied by one among your parents or friend who has owned a number of cars in the past and knows what questions to ask and what issues to explore with the car's features. It is the same way with hiring a painter, one must know something about painting or you can be a victim to value inflation, agreeing to the mistaken beneficial colors, or worse yet the fallacious faux finish on your home's standard of living. What fathers will have to do is at all times request the "assistance" of their children when doing simple projects like the staining of wood surfaces, wall papering, painting and or dry-wall. These are vital skills to in any case try to engrain within the minds of young adults, because they're the future custodians of inherited property passed down from their parents to them. As I've seen in my 30 plus years of craftsmanship is that regularly the second generation is bewildered with basic home refurbishing and naturally, painting. Whereas their Baby-boomer parents were acquainted with performing the entire house hold renovations-major and minor-their adult children then again are completely lost. There's one plus the younger generation has over their parents-the web. The young home owners are capable of research at the web the entire possibilities of interior home painting to be found in our great state of Ohio. Often, my business Babika Painting Inc, is contacted by the adult children of these baby-boomer parents who're requesting a unique faux paint finish for their childhood homes. I take fatherly pride in showing young homeowners how I perform my trade, the kind of brushes and tools we use and occasionally I'm going to even give a mini-lesson in proper brush stroke for virgin home painters. We here at Babika Painting Inc take great pride in educating our home and business owners, we do not "talk at you" or "strong arm" you like other amature painters into choosing the wrong paint for the incorrect surfaces. We share our experience with you from both brush stroke and from the very depths of our soul, painting is our way of life and it is a skill that has been passed down from our fathers to you. There should be would becould very well be no relationship more precious than circle of relatives and secondly the relationship between circle of relatives and the house they live in. I want that you spend your precious family time teaching not just your sons but in addition your daughters basic "home" skills that may carry with them into their adult lives when they turn into mature and responsible to become the custodian of your present home. At that future date Babika Painting Inc., might be looking forward to their phone call to assist care for that childhood home.

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Joe Babika, a Mentor house painter has some serious advice for young parents about teaching children home repair skills. Visit the corporate site of the best Mentor House Painter.

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