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A Better Quality of Life with HRT Atlanta
It is a common desire for men to want to get back the youthful vitality that they once had, when they were in their teens or in their 20s. However, it is but natural for them to go through several changes as they age. These include hormone imbalance as a result of a decrease of an important hormone, testosterone. This comes with different symptoms, which may vary with every individual. Men donít have to fret, though, since HRT Atlanta can ease these effects of hormone imbalance.

Importance of Testosterone to Men
While he is still inside the womb, Testosterone is important for the growth of reproductive tissues. Its levels are on the rise during puberty since it is being produced by the testicles. By age 17, these levels are at their peak. Then, they maintain a constant level for about 10 years.

When a man is in his 30s, testosterone levels gradually decrease and by the time he reaches 50, these levels are about half of what they were, during their peek. Though this condition is considered as part of the aging process, Men undergo unpleasant symptoms that come with this

A decline in testosterone levels can affect menís important functions in a negative way. While these may be expected later on in life, there are some who experience this as early as when they are in their 30s. These may somehow have an effect on different aspects such as relationships and performance at work.

Causes of Testosterone Deficiency
Injury or infection to the testicles
Radiation for cancer treatment
Chronic illnesses
Alcohol consumption
Intake of certain medications
Hemochromatosis or excess iron in the blood
Inflammation of the lungs and other organs
Dysfunction of the pituitary gland
Genetic abnormalities
Congenital conditions
Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency
Erectile dysfunction
Reduced sex drive
Decreased sense of well-being
Lack of concentration and memory problems
Mood swings
Physical Changes That Go With Testosterone Deficiency
Increase in body fat
Decrease in muscle mass
Increase in hemoglobin levels
Weak bones
Decrease in body hair
How to Know If You Have Low Testosterone Levels
The most accurate way to determine testosterone deficiency is by having its levels measured through blood tests. Since these tend to fluctuate, several measurements are recommended to be taken. Levels are usually high during the morning so this is the best time to measure them.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Atlanta
There is no reason why men have to live through the negative effects of testosterone deficiency and let them affect every aspect of their lives. They can find a solution in Hormone Replacement Therapy, the best known treatment to bring back the youthful enthusiasm in menís lives.

Thanks to the advancement in medical and research, there are treatments such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy Atlanta that provides relief from the unfavorable symptoms of testosterone deficiency. In addition to this, men can continue to perform better, live longer and enjoy healthy, active lives.

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HRT Atlanta that provides relief from the unfavorable symptoms of testosterone deficiency. Men undergo unpleasant symptoms that come with this Hormone Replacement Atlanta; you can find a solution in Testosterone Replacement Therapy Atlanta

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