Memory Foam Mattress Pads - The Answer For Those Who Can't Afford A New Mattress!

By: Christoffer X Altesino

Tempur-Pedic was one of the first companies to utilize the technology that NASA scientists had come up with to cushion the gravity forces on astronauts as they are shot into space. The tremendous acceleration can do permanent damage to the body if not properly cushioned. The compound developed by NASA was developed into a commercially stable material by a Swedish technical form firm and was dubbed "Tempur" in 1991. In 1992, the Swedish formed a partnership with a Lexington, Kentucky area businessman and Tempur-Pedic was born.
A wide range of products including mattresses, mattress toppers and pads and pillows are in the Tempur-Pedic product line. Tempur-Pedic is the Cadillac of the memory foam world and now there are literally hundreds of competitors on the more affordable accessory items. Tempur-pedic products are a staple of higher end retailers like Macy's and Brookstone and are also sold through a network of company owned retail stores.
An online store called Absolute Comfort Online For Sale offers fifteen memory foam mattress pads in different thicknesses. These pads come in two inch, three inch and 4 inch thicknesses and in two an a half pound, three pound, four pound and five pound densities from Sleep Zone, Comfort Rest, MemorRest, Cool Comfort, Sensus and their own brand with a quilted CoolMax fabric cover for the ultimate in comfort. You can save a huge amount buying one of these brands versus Tempur-Pedic. A 3 inch Tempur-Pedic twin runs around five hundred thirty dollars, while you can get a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper from Sleep Zone for one hundred nineteen dollars.
Memory foam is called visco-elastic foam. In other words, it reacts with the body temperature that allows it to then mold to your bodies' exact contours so that all parts are supported during your sleep. Most people will be satisfied with the comfort a two inch memory foam mattress pad will provide. Keep in mind that heavier and taller people will need thicker mattress toppers for the optimal effect.
If you weigh over two hundred fifty pounds, memory foam mattress pads are not recommended as the weight will stress the foam and create excessive wear and tear on the pad itself. For people between two hundred fifty and three hundred pounds Absolute Comfort offers a domestic latex foam mattress called Comfort Max 300. This product runs about twice as much as the comparable cheapest memory foam mattress pads.

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