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By: James Monahan

Passionate collector? Start your own memorabilia collection!

Are you a passionate movie fan? Do you have an original E.T. or Star Wars promotional poster tucked on your bedroom wall?

Do you keep a scrapbook full of movie tickets and other souvenir items? Then you must love to collect pieces of movie memorabilia. But what is memorabilia and how is it different from souvenirs? Why the special name?

The term souvenir came from the French word for memory. Souvenirs items are objects that have special memories connected to them. A person who travels to different places may bring home souvenir items from the places he visited.

He remembers the places he went to when he sees the souvenir items he brought home. Souvenir items are kept for sentimental rather than practical reasons and can include mugs, ashtrays, notepads, or pens.

In comparison, a piece memorabilia is indeed similar to a souvenir, because it is also an object that is kept and treasured for the memories it carries.

Memorabilia pieces are treasured for their relevance to an important historical, cultural, sports, or entertainment events. These items may include commemorative stamps, baseball caps, specially designed movie tickets, postcards, and display posters.

Different memorabilia collections are displayed anywhere in the globe nowadays. Political memorabilia, sports memorabilia, and movie memorabilia are a common sight in many establishments honoring an event, or a person.

A coffee shop may display their memorabilia pieces and these can include signed photos and notes of celebrities who have visited their shop.

In the same manner, a museum may include World War II memorabilia, or a historical memorabilia setting such as the one of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s artifacts which is currently touring the United States.

The exhibit setting of museums allows viewers to catch a glimpse of unique historical artifacts, and gain insights as how the Pharaoh Tutankhamun lived during his time.

Various memorabilia collectors form their own groups, and they gather regularly to exhibit their collection and promote their craft. These memorabilia shows exhibit different collections from movie items to music to fashion.

An Elvis Presley fan may bring all of his collection, from clothes to rare vinyl records and song catalogs. A Star Wars memorabilia collector may even come in a Darth Vader suit and bring his entire collection of light sabers and action figures. A Coca-Cola fan may bring all of his vintage collection of Coca-Cola bottles.

Several websites have also devoted their spaces to various memorabilia collections, and these sites have their own themes.

For example, a Coca-Cola memorabilia website provides its visitors with a historical background of the famous cola drink, and includes various information on how it was developed, the design of its bottles and cans, photos of previous promotional posters, and commemorative designs.

Whatever theme commands your memorabilia collection, it is surely unique and priceless for these items come out into the market for a limited time only. Very few people will take possession of the items, which are on your collection and this makes your memorabilia unique on its own.

This art of collecting is one of its kind and for memorabilia collectors, the happiness of finding a rare item to add into their collection is incomparable.

They would go to far away places and spend large sums of money just to get hold of the rare item and include it in their collection.

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