Meet the Demon of Procrastination and Get Out of Debt

By: RaymondAaron

Procrastination could be one of the single most useful tools to help you get out of debt. Most people go through life trying to do things that they never want to do. If you want to get out of debt, and you continue going to a job that you hate and living the life that you don't want, you are not priming yourself for a life of wealth and health.

What if I told you that procrastination is going to be the defining point in your life to get on track with your life and to get out of debt? Most people see procrastination as a bad thing. However, just like modern medicine tries to cure the symptom instead of the problem, procrastination is a symptom. The people that try to stop procrastinating futilely try to take on a disliked activity instead of stopping the activity.

If you went to your doctor with a bruise on your arm and asked him to "cure" the bruise, he would probably not have an answer for you. He could try to treat the bruise, but this would only be treating the symptom. If you wanted to stop having bruises on your arm, the doctor would ask you how it happened and come up with a solution to avoid getting punched in the arm again. The problem was never the bruise; the problem was the situation you put yourself in.

Just like getting punched in the arm, you will not stop procrastination. You will stop the activity that you don't like or don't have the ability to be successful doing and only do the things that you love. "Impossible!" You might say. However, it's really that simple. When you "try" to do what you don't love, you will never be successful. "Try" is the keyword here because what you don't love isn't done.

Take a good hard look at those things that you have been trying to get done that keep piling up. Just like your body's immune system works to reject a splinter, your mind's immune system procrastinates. This is your psychic immune system sending up a red flag to only do what you love in life.

You can't stop procrastination, but you can start living a life doing more of what you love and less of what you don't. By setting goals that revolve around the things you love to do in life; you will start to see a positive return. Do a few months of successful goal setting, and you will see five or six things start to accumulate into a life of blessings that you love and cherish.

If your goal is to get out of debt, then you need to set goals that include doing things that you love. Why are you in debt? Is there an area in your life that you can't seem to make work? To get out of debt is treating the symptom. Figure out the events in your life that keep you down, and stop doing it.

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