Meet Mike Dillard: A Review

By: Carin Davis

Mike Dillard has been lifted up as an Online Marketing guru and slapped down as a top notch scam artist, but after reading this review you will be a step closer to choosing for yourself. At twenty-nine, Dillard was waiting tables, barely making ends meet, and trying to achieve the American Dream. During those struggles, Dillard found his niche, and brought Magnetic Sponsoring to life. The new venture in Magnetic Marketing made Dillard a millionaire almost over night.

According to Mike's blog (, he travels the world looking for adrenaline pumping activities. Mike went racing in Baja with Jesse James of West Coast Choppers, Zero Gravity flying with Tony Hawk, and then on to Aspen for other heart pumping action. Then Dillard is whisking off to the other side of the world to meet Jimmy Davis of the Thesis Institute to get in shape for an action role like movie stars do. Would you like to join Mike in his jet-set, adventuring lifestyle?

While Magnetic Sponsoring makes no claims to create for you the same income that Dillard has, it does claim to share the secret of multilevel marketing with you. Magnetic Sponsoring is a time-tested, profit proven way of developing your down line, the true income in MLM businesses.

Dillard started a MLM business when he was 25. He followed the old plans, went to meetings, and purchased expensive leads to try to build a down line; all to no avail. One day a colleague shared a secret with Dillard on how to get possible down line members approaching Dillard. The secret was tried, and Dillard went from rags to riches in four months.

Dillard thought this was a onetime occurrence. To check his presumption, Dillard trained a few people from his down line, and found that they received comparable successes. By going online, you learn how to catch the attention of people interested in MLM marketing already. There is no pestering your friends, your neighbors, or the gas station attendant. Prospects ready to enter into MLM careers are paying you to show them the secret to success in this business.

Where Dillard is going is anyone's guess, but following Magnetic Sponsorship may just allow you to follow him where ever he goes. There is a secret to success, and Mike Dillard claims that he can teach this to you, and help you enjoy your piece of the American Dream: financial freedom.

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