Medical Tourism in Brazil.

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The largest country in South America, Brazil is known for more than soccer and beautiful beaches, its also a premier destination for medical tourism. In fact, Brazil is the chosen destination for medical tourists who are seeking plastic surgery more than any other kind of medical care. Brazil became highly recognized for cosmetic surgery when Ivo Pitanguy, a highly acclaimed plastic surgeon, opened a plastic surgery clinic more than 40 years ago. Since that time, Brazil ranks second to the United States in the field of plastic surgery and one of the reasons that it has become a premier destination is the lower cost of medical care in Brazil.

Brazil also boasts a high standard of care and services to its medical tourists that is on par with and sometimes exceeds the level of care you receive here in the United States. In addition to cosmetic and plastic surgery, Brazil is also known for excellent care in cardiology, fertility, and obesity surgery.

Medical Treatments in Brazil

A large number of medical tourists choose Brazil as their destination because it offers them the same International Standard of Services and facilities that they find at home, yet with comparatively lower costs. Some of the most reputed hospitals in Brazil include: Hospital da Coracao, Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital, and Hospital Sirio Libanes.

For as long as there has been commercial tourism, people from all over the world have come to Brazil for recreation, business, adventure, shopping, sporting events and now, to that list, medical treatments. Both the private medical facilities as well as the public sector of healthcare have an outstanding record and has delivered the best in medical care.

Cost of Treatment in Brazil

Since Brazil is able to provide top quality healthcare solutions at cost-effective rates, the number of medical tourists visiting the country has been on the rise in recent years. In a cost comparative example, a gastric surgery in Brazil has an average cost of $3500 whereas the same surgery in the United States would average approximately $13,000. In another example, a tummy tuck surgery in Brazil would cost $5,000 at the highest extreme while the same surgery prices in the United States have a cost of $6,000 at the lowest extreme.

The overall costs for medical treatments and procedures in Brazil will run 30%-80% lower than the costs of the same procedures and treatments here in the United States. Its because of the combination of lower costs, ease of access and state-of-the-art medical facilities that many patients in the United States are crossing the equator and traveling to Brazil for treatments.

Medical Tourism Destination in Brazil

Sao Paulo, which is considered to be the largest city of Brazil, has many fully equipped hospitals, professional physicians, and technologically advanced diagnostic systems. Most of the hospitals of this city are recognized by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the Brazilian Hospital Medical Quality Organization (ONA), and the Canadian Council on Health Services (CCHSA).

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